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translation pattern in cucm 7.1



I have an issue with a translation pattern in cucm 7.1.

I would like to perform a translation #.xxxxx to be forwarded to the pilot of an CUE-AA 30000.

I have configured that and it works ok, but the AA after playing a message sould redirect the call to the original called number without the # (redirect to xxxxx).

The result is that I hear the message playing againand again without redirecting to the correct number. Cucm is translating again and again.

In the translation pattern configuration -> called party transformations-> discard digits i have the option discard digits PreDot.

But unfortunately the digits send to the cue are the full #.xxxxx instead of xxxxx.

Can you please advice.

Thank you in advance.

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Could you just confirm that the CSS is correct and that the TP is able to reach the number xxxxx. If you activate the Callmanager service at a detailed level, you should be able to see what happens. You can also put an extract of the logs here. Just look for the calling and called number to identify the SDI files.


You can Go to serviceability page in CUCM --> tools --> Dialed number analyzer --> Input the calling number , it's CSS and the called number --> basically what is the output you see there. If it is hitting that translation pattern --> then the output number should not have #  (since you have discard predot) and TPs CSS if it is able to reach the AA partition the call will go there. Seems like it is working properly here as you are getting the recording but when redirected is going to back to the original TP with # and is going in the loop.So check the forward settings here as well.Also the output of DNA will show if the translated number has # or is removed and being prefixed anywhere else



In the dna analysis the translation seems ok.

I have added on the TP (#.xxxxx) on the calling party transformations -> calling party transformation mask: xxxxx hence i am sending 5 digits on the cue.

I have performed a trace on the cucm and i get this error message when form the cti route point that connects cucm and cue: < aa_30000="">< error="">< 800="">

What does this mean?


Could you please upload the entire ccm trace along with calling and called numbers so that we can see what is happening exactly ?



I have created a new cti route point for testing AA_32100.

I am calling a #22140 for example it is translated to 32100, i hear the message all the time instead of tranfering to 22140 after i hear the message once.

The script i am using is working because i have tested externaly...

Thank you in advance...

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