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Translation Pattern


Dear All

I have two CCM7 server , now I have an question , As Follow is my environment

1、Two CCMs are Cluster

2、One Unity Connection provide voice-mail and Auto Attendant services

3、2911 router is voice gateway , it connent a ISDN PRI LINE ( 30B+D )

4、 Now Our Customer has a requirement  They Need us to binding a pstn number with internal number , If an External user dial their DID number then the internal phone is respond, How do i do this function in translation pattern or transformaion pattern ?    Does Any can help me ??

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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What you want to look at first is how many digits the gateway is sending to call manager if it's the full number or only a few digits.  If it's the whole number then your translation pattern should be the same full DID number and in a partition that the inbound call calling search space (CSS) can reach.  The Called Party Transformation Mask should then we set to the internal number of the phone you want to ring.  Make sure the CSS on the translation pattern can reach the internal phone's partition.  That's it.

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