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Translation Rules DID

Hello. I am very thankful to have you reading my post and thanks beforehand to everyone helping around. You are doing a great job.

I am currently configuring a CUCM cluster.

Problem is as follows.

We have a standalone cluster with a Publisher and Subscriber

We have a PRI line with head-end number 2046800 configured on an MGCP gateway (2821 router)
The DID range for this line is 204-6100 to 204-6899.

Extensions to each IP phone have been assigned in the format 6yxx, where y is a number between 1 and 8, and x can be anywhere from 0 to 9.

Thus all internal extensions are 4 digits long and corresponding external number is the same extension prepended with 204; e.g:
extension 6100 (internal) maps to 204-6100 (external)
This setup is functionning normally as should and all users are able dial in and out using their DIDs.

Eg: If I call 204-6123, extension 6123 will ring inside  and;
      if extension 6123 calls me on my landline, the caller-id of 203-6123 will appear on my phone.

   The problem is as follows:
    The management has decided that it will keep only the last 3 digits as extension number:
    Hence the leading "6" will be opted out for all extensions.
    All new extensions will be within the range 100 to 899
      I have already tried creating extension number 101 and assigned it to a phone to test.
      Problem(a): The phone loses its DID, that is, outgoing calls proceed with the Head-number which is 204-6800, incoming and 204-6101 gets a "no answer"
   on the caller side.
As solution, I have tried

       (1) to create a transformation pattern from 101 to 6101. By this, it was expected that calls to 204-6101 from an external
        landline would ring on extension 101.
       This was not the case. The problem remains the same as described above in problem(a)

I know this might be a very small issue and I am missing something somewhere. The reason being I am really new to CUCM and weak in translation stuff.

Thanks again.
    Can you suggest a solution please?


ok you need to create a translation rule for the outgoing calls as the following and then apply it on the out going dial peer pots as the following:

voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /8/ /2046/
voice translation-profile out
translate called 1

dial-peer voice xxx pots
description "outgoing calls to E1 PRI"
  translation-profile outgoing out


hope this will work


Hello again karamalomari and thank you for nice suggestions.

On the Voice gateway I have two dial-peers.

Do I have to apply it to both?

Here are the config

dial-peer voice 1 pots
service mgcpapp
port 0/1/0
forward-digits all
dial-peer voice 3 pots
service mgcpapp
incoming called-number .
forward-digits all

Also, I have tried the cofiguration you gave on both dial-peers alternately, without any success.

For info, I have a CUCM Cluster with 7.1.3 Publisher and Subscriber and a 2811 Voice gateway to which the PRI line is connected.

Also, where can I obtain the Dialer Analyzer you were referring to?


ok but i dont see your  dial-peer for outgoing calls?


MGCP gateway so don`t need dial-peers unless it is setup for SRST ,go to Serviceablity page ,then Tools and then Dialed Number Analyzer.


I Hello Rynard and karamalomari

I have done an analysis for my phone via the Dialed Number analyser.

I have analyzed testing of external phone number 9510502 through my internal extension which is 846.

Please find attached the result from the analysis..

Also I would like you thank you for your kind collaboration



Under the Route Pattern on CUCM ,under the Calling Party Transformations ,check the box that says use calling Party`s External Phone number Mask ,just make sure that yoy still have the External Phone number mask configured under the Line config on the Device Profile ,also have you spoken to the Telco to make sure they are not masking the number on their side ?

View solution in original post


Oh my friend. You saved me. The " use calling Party`s External Phone number Mask" was the winner.

High five for you dear friend..

It is working perfectly now. You are my hero...

Thank you thank you thank you xxXxx..

Here is a small card for you.

Thanks again my friend.

God bless.


No worries ,glad to help

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