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Troubleshoot IP phone call drops
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I have a user who says that during a webex cisco conference call and at other times she will get dropped of the call. What is the best method to troubleshoot to see what is causing the issue?

Jaime Valencia
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Determine the call flow and start gathering traces, debugs logs to review them.

If this is a common occurrence, then have the user let you know when he'll place a call to enable debugs/logs to review and gather information related to what might be causing the issue.



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I did contact the user and asked for the most recent incident, time and date. Then I collected the logs using Cisco unified real-time monitor and open it up in translatorX and searched for the call in question.  I found this in the BYE section

CSeq: 102 BYE
Reason: Q.850;cause=41


Is there a way to get more information about what caused those? Is there anything else I should be looking at?


I normally start by taking whatever debug is easiest, to see which end initiated the drop.  However make sure you have a clear description from the user, for example if they lose audio are they hanging up the call as a result.

what debug do you consider the easiest to collect? what tools do you use?

Easiest debug is partly personal, partly depends on the context.  If the calls are external then the first question is whether it's a service provider issue, or a CUCM/Gateway issue.  So I'd start with a debug on the gateway.  If it look like the call is being dropped by CUCM then move onto CUCM traces.  Dropped by the provider, raise it with them.

In your example that cause code indicates a fault elsewhere.  What device is actually sending the BYE, and where is it being sent?