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Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber for iPhone

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to register in the Cisco Jabber app with the CUCM. I've created the profiles on the CUCM to register in the Jabber account and I currently have the Jabber app in FIPS mode enabled. When I try to login the app using the credentials, it pops up a certificate error saying that the server is presenting a certificate for "ip address" that cisco jabber cannot accept. Jabber is unable to establish a FIPS compliant connection with the IM&P server. 

I've also tried to login to the app without the FIPS mode enabled and it was successful. However, I'm trying to setup a connection between the CUCM and the cisco jabber app (On Android/iOS) with FIPS mode enabled so that I have an encrypted connection to transfer secure data between them. I'm not sure on the configuration required on the CUCM and the phone as I'm working on CUCM for the the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber for iPhone

Are your CUCM servers defined in CUCM (under System > Server) by IP address or by FQDN? I'm guessing from your error message that they are, while the DNS that gets the Jabber client there are FQDN. And I believe (but am not certain as I am not expert in FIPS) that if you are enabling FIPS you must define your servers via FQDN.


Re: Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber for iPhone

The CUCM servers are defined by FQDN. Still the same error persist. Is some kind of addtional configuration required on CUCM to make the Jabber client accept the certificate in FIPS mode? 

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Re: Troubleshooting Cisco Jabber for iPhone

I am still learning the particulars for MRA certificates myself, so I don't have good an answer for you. Hopefully, one of the other experts in the forum can help.

(I assume you read the chapter in the Jabber Planning Guide regarding enabling FIPS on Mobile Clients? )


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