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Trust list issue with 8945



I've a problem with my 8945, which didn't update its trust list at boot time.

I've activated auto-registration on CUCM, so device profile is created and phone register.

The problem occurs when I do changes on this profile (i.e: activate extension mobility), phone didn't update its configuration.

Here are status messages :

[23:28:29, 11/03/2012] reset event log
[22:28:31, 11/03/2012] trigger reboot from tAKPL_AWBU (system up time : 2421222 ticks, 1 hour 20 minutes 42 seconds)
[00:00:10, 01/01/2010] system boot up (SIP 9-2-3-5)
[15:16:40, 01/06/2012] Get ip from DHCP server :
[15:16:44, 01/06/2012] Trust List updating
[15:16:44, 01/06/2012] Trust List updated fail
[15:16:46, 01/06/2012] SEP5057A8876B14.cnf.xml (HTTP)

On the phone in Settings -> Administrator -> Security Parameters -> Trust List, there is NO ITL file, whereas CTL signature is 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and CallManager/TFTP Server is EMPTY.

I think this is the source of problem, because I have a 9951 phone which register and update its config correctly when I do changes. In addition, this phone had an ITL file with CTL, TVS, CAPF, and TFTP server parameters.

Can you help me with my 8945 ?

Thank you.

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Robert Thomas
Rising star
Rising star

Please attach a packet capture from the bootup process.


I've done a factory reset on the phone, and delete its device profile on CM.

This file contains complete boot up process, auto registration with 1010 DN, and quick call with 1002.

I don't know why it asks for 2nd TFTP server received by DHCP, because first is OK.

I've tried to change default protocol to SCCP, phone restarted and downloaded successfully new firmware, but already trust list error, and device profile modifications not applied :

[18:44:17, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin1.sgn from
[18:45:11, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin2.sgn from
[18:46:13, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin3.sgn from
[18:47:15, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin4.sgn from
[18:48:13, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin5.sgn from
[18:49:04, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin6.sgn from
[18:50:03, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin7.sgn from
[18:51:11, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin8.sgn from
[18:52:08, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin9.sgn from
[18:52:14, 11/04/2012] upgrade SCCP894x.9-2-3-5.bin9.sgn success
[18:52:15, 11/04/2012] trigger reboot from UPGRADE_LOADS (system up time : 394057 ticks, 13 minutes 8 seconds)
[00:00:10, 01/01/2010] system boot up (SCCP 9-2-3-5)
[18:52:47, 11/04/2012] Get ip from DHCP server :
[18:52:50, 11/04/2012] Trust List updating
[18:52:50, 11/04/2012] Trust List updated fail
[18:52:50, 11/04/2012] can't download configuration file from
[18:52:50, 11/04/2012] Trust List updating
[18:53:10, 11/04/2012] Trust List updated fail
[18:53:29, 11/04/2012] can't download configuration file from
[18:53:30, 11/04/2012] XMLDefault.cnf.xml (HTTP)
[19:54:18, 11/04/2012] Trust List updating
[19:54:18, 11/04/2012] Trust List updated fail
[19:54:19, 11/04/2012] SEP5057A8876B14.cnf.xml (HTTP)

running into this same issue, was there ever any resolution?


Thank you..

Yep same issue here, upgraded the device package on my CCM so it would support the new 7821's and all of my 8945's are down.  We had them on 9-2-3-5 previously.  I reset one of them to pull 9-2-3-5 so I could troubleshoot and this is what I'm seeing trust list update fails over and over.  I've reset security and same thing is happening.

Surely someone at Cisco knows the fix here, I can't get these phones to upgrade to the 9.4.2 code or whatever is latest we installed on CCM.

Brian S. Turner
CCIE 6145

did anyone figure this out?

I have the same issue...and oddly enough I get users that claim their phone just randomly rebooted and never registers.


i am getting issue or 150 entries in call logs for sccp 8945..
anyone know how to fix it as it is not updating new entries in call log?
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Amit Sahrma
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