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Turn off Voicemail for Caller Input Number?

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Just wondering if it's possible to turn off voicemail to a number we have available on the caller greetings options? For example, we have the option to press 3, which takes the caller to a number, we would like there to be no voicemail available, so if the person is busy, you'd get an engaged tone.


I have turned off call forwarding in Call Manager but for some reason it still transfers to voicemail if the phone is in use. It works if the phone isn't in use and the call just keeps ringing. I also tried deleting the voicemail box from Cisco Unity Connection but I am unable to do so as it states that it is linked to an option in greetings.


Any help with this?

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hello there, 

Did / Can you try by selecting <NoneVoice Mail Profile to the DN in question in Cisco call manager?



It's already set to <None> would it be better setting it to NoVoiceMail? It wouldn't affect any of the greeting options would it?


As Rath mentioned, check if you have any checkbox against any of the other call forward options for the DN in question? 


selecting No voice mail for the option 3 extension number (DN in question) will not affect the greeting. Prefer to use No voice mail, because None will use the system default voice mail system configured in the call manager 


if that doesn't work, see if you have any alternative extension configured in the Cisco unity with the DN in question.



Ratheesh Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Thats weird. Just curious to know if the check box is ON for the call forward option. If Yes, just un-check it.


Another thing you can try is add a dummy number (not configured anywhere in CUCM) to the Forward fields and test it.





Hope this Helps

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