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Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

Hi All

I have created two different extensions  ( i.e 2XXX and 5XX ) on Call manager. What i have to do on Call Manager Setting to configure the route pattern for both extensions.


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Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

Hi Hussain,

why do you require route pattern to reach these extension?

if its internal calling, call manager will decide by identifying the digits that you dialed internally.

if you are talking about external incoming calls, then you have to use translation pattern or you can directly configure translation rule in the voice gateway.

if you are using translation pattern you can as below,

pattern : [2,5]!

But It is advisable to use two different translation pattern to reach both series saperatly.

hope above will help you..


Shalid K.C

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Two Different Extensions on Call Manager


Valid CUCM patterns do not include comma, so the pattern would have been [25]!, just to reiterate why you would want separate patterns is because these 2 patterns are different length and that would result in interdigit timeout, so one would be 2XXX and the other 5XX, if they were the same length it is perfectly fine to summarize them.

Now to the original question, please elaborate exactly what you are trying to do, as Shalid already explained that you do not need RPs for internal dialing.



Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

Thank you for the correction Chris..




Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

Thanks Chris and Shalid

Actualy i have two different extension 2xxx and 5xx.  If i want to call from 2xxx extension to 5xx extension then calls are  not going through and its same if i call from 5xx to 2xxx. Do i need to  define anything to allow them to go though the calls.


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Re: Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

If you have the two extensions in partitions (PT), either the same or different, you need to setup a calling search space (CSS) that contains the PTs. Assign the CSS to either the device or line on both phones/lines.

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Two Different Extensions on Call Manager

Hi Hussain,

Extension to extension calls can be controlled by managing CSS and Partition.

suppose if you want to make calls from 2xxx to 5xx,ensure that CSS of 2xxx contain the partition of 5xx. and vice versa..

hope this will serve the purpose.


Shalid K.C

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