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Two-way calling in a closed environment

I have five 7965 phones that I'm configuring in CM 8.6 to function in the following way:  Four of the phones dial the fifth phone when the handset is picked up, so the fifth phone is like an operator.  The person on that line can answer questions that the callers may have.  If the operator picks up the handset, the other four phones ring simultaneously.  I have this part configured by using two separate hunt pilots with partitions and calling search spaces for the two groups.  The four end-user phones share a line group and hunt group, as well, with the operator line using its own line group and hunt group.  

To this point, everything works.  But, what they would like to do is give the operator the ability to call any of the other extensions individually.  I have created BLF's that are configured for each extension, but they are unable to dial the extension.  I am guessing this is because they are in different calling search spaces.  Is there a way to configure this type of setup to where the operator can broadcast and use the BLF's?  Thanks.

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If each phone has an

If each phone has an individual extension in some partition, then there is no reason why the operator cant call each phone individually, the operator's CSS contains the partition in which the individual extensions are.

forget about BLF;s for a minutes, can you dial the extensions straight from the keypad?

also you could use dialed number analyzer tool to troubleshoot and Partition and CSS issues you might have

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Dialing one of the extensions

Dialing one of the extensions individually causes it to ring on all of the phones.  I am punching in the numbers without touching the handset, then pressing dial when I've typed in the numbers.  My guess is that when I press dial, it's automatically translating and going to the hunt list. 

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well, in that case, use the

well, in that case, use the dialed number analyzer in cucm, to see if it hits a translation pattern unintentionally.


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