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UC 8.6 MoH through FXO on gateways

UC 8.6 deployment, 4 remote sites, customer had MoH connected to callmanager express router at remote site through fxo port.  MoH would use FXO port for moh, 3rd party vendor dials up to moh box to upload new moh files.  After converting site to CallManager, I was able to get MoH file from 3rd party vendor and loaded it on the router's flash and played MoH from the router just fine but customer wants to go back to the MoH device connected to the FXO port.  I'm not having any luck getting this to function properly and wondering if anybody else had this similiar situation.  remote gateways are h323 by the way.


William Bell


I researched this a few weeks ago and came across this thread:

I tested this theory out in my lab. I didn't have an FXO, so I had to use an FXS. I was able to simulate the solution successfully. So, it has merit. With an FXO, you may need an additional part. The CME guides reference the following:

MOD-SC Connector:

I haven't tested this "live" but it does seem viable. Though, based on the netpro thread I reference it may be a bit finicky to get up and running.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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In regards to the MOD-SC connector, and just sharing a story...

A few years ago when I solely deployed CME systems with live MOH via E&M ports, I use to just grab one of the many Dell green tipped male to male audio cables we had laying around, and clip an end off, then crimp an RJ-11 on.  It worked great.

I don't know why, but these male to male cables seemed to always just be laying around, not being used, so it worked great.

Come to think of it, I think I have one in my glove box compartment of my car.  I use it to connect my iPhone to my head unit.

Do you happen to have a sample config of this working with an FXS port.  This particular router had an available FXS port so i was able to get the MoH device switched to this port, followed the attached document that you sent but still wasn't able to get this to work.  I guess my main question is what configs do you have the telephony-service or call-manager-fallback with this setup?  For now it is streaming from the router's flash with the moh mulicast commands under telephony-service for this remote h323 gateway.

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