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UC500:Call hangs on direct transfer to voicemail?

Have UC520 running telephony 7.1 from IOS v12.4(22)YB6 with 7945 and 7965 phones running firmware 8.54s.   CUE is v7.03.  Have 3 operators with 7965 phones with 3 shared lines between them for incoming calls.  Intermittently when one of the operators transfers a call direct to voicemail using the transfer key and transferring to 42XX (See ephone-dn 19 below)  the call hangs on the phone and the operator cannot hangup or end the call.  The phone still works fine (it is not frozen and can be called again) but the only way to clear the call is to power down or reset the phone?  Anyone?  See pertinent configuration below.

ephone-dn  19
number 42..
description **XFER direct to VM**
call-forward all 5000

--Shared lines--

ephone-dn  10  dual-line
number 1490
pickup-group 457
label Incoming1
call-forward busy 1491
call-forward noan 1491 timeout 7
huntstop channel

ephone-dn  11  dual-line
number 1491
pickup-group 457
label Incoming2
call-forward busy 1492
call-forward noan 1492 timeout 7
huntstop channel

ephone-dn  12  dual-line
number 1492
pickup-group 457
label Incoming3
call-forward busy 1490
call-forward noan 5001 timeout 7
huntstop channel

ephone  1
mac-address 2893.FE13.4B28
ephone-template 14
type 7965 addon 1 7916-24
no missed-calls
button  1:20 2f10 3f11 4f12
button  5:17 6m6 7w21 8w22

ephone  2
mac-address 0026.CB3C.C4F7
ephone-template 14
type 7965 addon 1 7916-24
no missed-calls
button  1:21 2f10 3f11 4f12
button  5:17 6m6 7w33 8w35

ephone  3
mac-address 0026.CB3C.C513
ephone-template 14
type 7965 addon 1 7916-24
no missed-calls
button  1:22 2f10 3f11 4f12
button  5:17 6m6 7w33 8w35

ephone-template  14
softkeys idle  Newcall Dnd Cfwdall Redial Gpickup
softkeys seized  Endcall Cfwdall Redial
softkeys alerting  Endcall
softkeys connected  Hold Park Trnsfer Confrn Endcall

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Hi there,

It sounds like the Transfer 'committ' is failing if the call still lingers on the phone.

You are missing preference CLI on ephone-dn 10, 11, 12 (shared DNs)

and you should not be configuring call-forward on 10 and 11. Rather configure

preference 1,2,3 on ephone-dn 10,11,12 resp. and no huntstop on 10 and 11.

Do you know if they are  hitting the Trsnfr SK the second time or just hanging up

to committ the transfer ?




Look at the configuration again.  It is three different dn numbers 1490, 1491, and 1492.  If the 3 dns had the same number then I could understand the use of the preference command.  I do not see how the preference command would work in my configuration?

Thanks Tony are bad

preference CLI won't help here

as DNs are diff.

Do u know the sequence of

action/keys for xfer that causes

it and what is the transfer system

set to (under telephony) ?


We teach the users TNT---press Transfer, then New call, dial 42XX, then press Transfer again.  The problem has only been reported when transferring a call direct to vmail and only intermittently.   Maybe it's a CUE issue?  I'm at a loss.  That's why I am posting on the issue.   Anyway here is the transfer system stuff:

transfer-system full-consult dss
transfer-pattern 9.T
transfer-pattern .T


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