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UC560 is calling random numbers

Nathan Johnson
Level 1
Level 1

Ok, I have a weird problem that is kind of hard to fully explain.  My first thought was some sort of wardialing, but I don't know.  It seems as if it's using existing extensions as a starting point and is incrimenting the number from there.  For example, my extension is 5329.  I got a call from 5329 and it rang for about a half a second.  A few minutes later I got a call from 15329 and then a call from 25329, and so on.  Everyone in the office is getting the same thing (but with their own extension).  It eventually seems to start dialing random numbers.  It even called 911 and hung up on them and they called back complaining.  If I restart the UC560 it seems to stop for an hour or two and then it starts back up.  Does anyone have any clue about this?  Is there any way I can at least stop it from calling 911?  I know this sounds silly, but I'm at a loss here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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