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kim jones

UCCX 10.5 Voip Monitor Subsystem in Partial Service or OOS

I have an HA UCCX environment and I recently experienced the subscriber UCCX showing in Partial Service.  I drilled down under UCCX Serviceability > Tools > Control Center Network Services and saw that it was the VOIP Monitor Subsystem in out of service state.

I opened a Cisco TAC case and here is the fix.  

Per Cisco TAC restarting the service below on SUBSCRIBER ONLY would not affect your environment during business hours.  
Go to Command CLI and run the following: (case sensitive)
 ·        utils service stop Cisco Unified CCX Cluster View Daemon
 ·        utils service start Cisco Unified CCX Cluster View Daemon 
Restart the following services on Publisher and Subscriber:
 ·        Restart Cisco Desktop Call/Chat Service
·        Restart Cisco Desktop License & Resource Manager Service
·        Restart Cisco Desktop LDAP Monitor Service
·        Restart Cisco Desktop VoIP Monitor Service
 I did the Subscriber first and then the Publisher and the Subscriber showed In Service once again.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Kim,

Thanks for posting this up to help others in the community! This is the type of kind gesture that makes CSC so great!



Thanks Kim!

Did You run CLI command (restart CCX Cluster View daemon) and restart services on both servers? Subscriber first and then Publisher?

Yes, you will need to do it on both the servers. First do it on the secondary followed by primary.



Do it on secondary (from cli restart Cluster View, restart "Cisco Desktop Call/Chat Service", "Cisco Desktop License & Resource Manager Service", "Cisco Desktop LDAP Monitor Service", 
"Restart Cisco Desktop VoIP Monitor Service")

Then on primary. And on step restart "Cisco Desktop LDAP Monitor Service" all servers showed In Service.




Hi,  thanks for this information.  It was stated to do on both Servers in HA.  And stated that doing this to the Subscriber would be non-impacting.

Question: When I restart all the services mentioned on the Publisher - will this impact the call center agents?  Will it cause the agents on Finesse to notice or will cause a fail over to the subscriber. I did the Subscriber , just holding off on the Publisher until I know if it will impact the users.

Thanks for your time !

I'm sorry I wasn't using Finesse at the time only CAD so I'm not sure.

So forget Finesse for a moment,  restarting the services mentioned on the Publisher - will this have an impact on the call center  (either agents or will it cause a fail over in the HA environment) ?  just trying to see if I have to announce to all the agents and do this after hours.

Not sure what causes the Voip Monitor Subsystem to go in partial or oos.  I was creating a new script, application, trigger, etc ... that is when I noticed it.

I have created new in the past, just not sure what kicks this into OOS.

Kim, just wanted to thank you , TAC stated that starting these desktop services individually using the CLI would not cause a Failover or disrupt the agents while doing these actions on the Publisher.    IF I had done the whole CCX Engine restert, then yes it would naturally Fail over.   This did clear up my issue with Voip Monitor Service being in Partial service.


This post was helpful and resolved the Voip Monitor Subsystem in Partial Service issue.


Also works on UCCX 10.6

very helpful, thank you.


Easy enough to restart services to fix the problem, but what causes it? Does anybody know the root cause of this?
Rafael Ochoa

This worked for me! Thanks Kim.

Resolved issue.


Thank you for posting this.

Was there ever a cause that was found? We had this happen and we are trying to figure out why to add to our report.

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