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UCCX 8.0(2) - Document upload when LDAP authentication has failed

We have a customer who found that an issue with one of their domain controllers prevented any users from logging into Desktop Agent.

When a call reaches their contact centre application, the script checks an XML document to determine whether the emergency condition is set to ON (i.e. play we are closed due to unforseen circumstances message and hang up) or OFF (normal operation, route call to agent or CSQ).

The customer then tried to dial the management application which updates the settings in the XML document but found that although they could dial the application, it looped round, continually telling them that the emergency setting was off, even though they were selecting the option to set it to on.

The reason for this is that the authenticate user step which is required to allow a script to upload a document to the repository was failing for the same reason that the end users couldn't log in.

Does anyone know how to get round this? At present, the script checks for logged in agents and, if there are none, the script plays a message saying there is no-one available to take your call, please try again later, but the purpose of this was to cover times at the start of the day if no agents had logged in in time for the lines to open, it's not a really suitable for a prolonged outage while they fix their domain controller. I've thoght about changing the wording of that message or routing the calls out to a hunt pilot but if anyone knows a way to allow control of the line setting to work properly when LDAP authentication is down, it would be appreceiated.

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In order to upload a document to the repository you must have an authenticated user

You could try authenticating the user by the PIN number instead of a password.

As the PIN is only checked by UCM I would expect this to work if the AD is down.

You should also check that UCM is setup to use multiple AD servers.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I changed the script to authenticate the upload user by PIN and it works fine.

The LDAP sync was already configured to try more than one server and I've been unable to replicate the authenticateion issue the customer had but hopefully this will make it less likely to happen again. All my scripts will use PIN authentication in future.