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UCCX DRS Backup Failure

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, I have a customer with UCCX ver 7.0.1 who has a problem with DRS backup. The backup fails around 70% with the errors shown in the attached screen shots. I think this may be due to bug: CSCtj91950. The work around is:


Through LDAP browser remove the illegal character present in the layout.

Many times developers help is needed to figure out which resource ID/ layout has the issue in LDAP"

My questions:

Is this problem down to CSCtj91950? and if it is, how do we rectify?

The customer is not planning to upgrade in the immediate future.

Many thanks, John.

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

After going through the logs and screenshot, I can confirm that you are hitting below defect:

Follow the fix mentioned below :

1. Navigate to C:/Program Files/Cisco/Desktop/bin

2. Find BarsCLI.exe and rename it to BarsCLI.exe.old

3. Put the new BarsCLI.exe attached to this post in the same location i.e., (C:/Program Files/Cisco/Desktop/bin) and then try the backup again. Replace the BarsCLI.exe on both the servers in case you have HA environment.

Try to take the backup and that should work. If it still fails,

Run the command BarsCli -bl -od="C:/testing" (The directory after -od= is unimportant and can be any directory) and check if the return code is coming as 0 or not.

If the above command gives error even after applying the new BarsCLI.exe, try restarting both the nodes and then take the backup again.



Many thanks Deepak!

I wil try and let you know.

Sure, on issues.