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Jamil Hussain

UCCX Scripting:Not able to tranfer calls to Operator

I have a scnario like

thank you for calling XYZ Company if you know the extension please dial it now or press 0 for assitance.

I have created a script in Cisco Unfied CCX 7.1  Editor and i am able to send the calls to Users Ext's but i am not able to transfer the calls to operator when i pressed 0.

I have attached the script where i am able to transfer the calls to Users ext successfully but i also want to transfer calls to operator when any body from outside press 0.

Please review my attached script and let me know how i can do it to complete the rest.

Waiting for reply

thanks and best regards


Hi Jamil

I believe your logic in the script is flawed, you have a get digit string, however if you hit 0, this 0 is returned to Call Manager, which effectively means nothing unless you have a translation pattern.

However this is not a solution I recommend, instead you should be using a menu step giving the caller the option to hit 0 to go to an operator, or dial a extension.

My other question here would be, why not send it to a Unity Call handler? it does the same job unless you plan on expanding this script to have CSQ.

Hi Hoai

I already created the translation pattern in CUCM but this is not the problem i am missing some configuration in the scripting for "0"Dialing.

that i need to find out.

Any body who has a good concept in scripting can solve this problem.

Use a simple If statement within the Success branch of your Get Digit String.

IF userInputVariable.equals("0")


----SET userInputVariable =


----Annotation "False; debug placeholder"

If you have more than one of these vanity-type patterns, you can use a Match step instead to account for each scenario. The idea is just translate the user's input in to something UCM actually understands. Don't mess around with your dial plan for something like this.

After that the Call Redirect or Call Consult Transfer will redirect the call as it does now.

Hi jonathan

Thanks for your reply

i had tried to complete the script but no success.i have attached the script,

can you please help me to make that changes in the script because i am trying hard and not able to finish it please do the needfull

i shall be verythankfull to you.

please complete the script and attached it back so i can use it if its possible.



I am having the the same issue adding and Operator to my script as well. I know I need to use the If statement however not sure how this works. I'm trying to have users press "0" and transfer to extension 2814. I have attached my script for assiatnce.

Thanks in advance.

Oops. Sorry guys; I lost this thread and failed to respond.

Jamil- I have attached an image of what your script should look like. Your problem was that the steps were out of order.

tavery2000- You are using a Menu step so this is not the same answer. On the menu step properties you will see a Filter tab. You can add another condition that way. Jamil needed to use an If step because he was accepting multi-digit inputs.
Your script has a few other problems. I have attached a modified version for consideration. I suggest you take some time to review Cisco Contact Center Express Script Repository for other examples or attend the UCCXD class from a Cisco Learning Partner.

  • You cannot leave the Queued branch of the script without first dequeueing the contact. Not knowing what you are trying to accomplish here I'm not sure what your goal is; however, there is no chance of staying in queue to wait for an agent as it is currently written.
  • Also, as best as I can tell the call can never reach the Select Resource step in this script as it is currently written.
  • After you redirect the contact you need to go directly to the end step; you cannot leave these open-ended.
  • Similarly, after the contact is answered by an agent you need to go directly to end.
  • Best practice is not to leave conditions empty as you would be unable see what condition was matched when debugging it.
  • If you redirect the call elsewhere you likely want to mark the contact as handled. All calls are considered abandoned unless they are marked handled by the IVR or reach an agent through the Select Resource step.

Hey, thanks for your help on this one. I figured out the menu option for operator and made your other recommended changes. All is well.

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