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UCM 6.14 End Users not Viewable after import into UCXN 2.12

I recently setup UCXN to import End Users in UCM 6.14 and creat VM boxes.  The Import worked flawlessly, and the VM boxes work fine.   I can view the imported users in UCXN, and edit fields except a few such as extension, which is greyed-out.

Thats normal.

When I go back to the UCM to view or edit a End User, I select an End User from the search list, click their name, and I get a blank webpage displayed.

Other UCM End Users that I did not select for import into UCXN, I am able to select, view, and edit. 

It appears that any End User imported into UCXN has this problem.

I have done this with UCM / UCXN versions 7.13, and I have no problems viewing the End Users in UCM after import.

Has anyone ran into this issue before?

Cisco Employee


This is a known defect on the CallManager side :

CSCsw97577    CCM admin user config page blank after syncing user to unity connection

This is a duplicate of main defect

CSCso43615 -  CUCMBE and standalone, Edit Cisco Unity User, Server Not Found error


Change the hostname to the IP address in the URL

If you are getting a blank page, please go to System -> Application -> and hit find. Choose the UC and change the hostname from to
.localdomain. This should fix the issue. This may or may not be traffic affecting.

The workaround solves the issue to only those end users who are linked to the application server with ".localdomain" in its name. If while creating
Cisco Unity User for an end user, an application server that does not have ".localdomain" is used, then the issue still exists. Unfortunately, there
can only be one Application Server in the system with ".localdomain". The only way to fix the issue completely is to upgrade.


You can look into Fixed-In releases to see which CUCM version will have this defect fix in it.

- Sriram

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