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UCS c220 media test failure


I open the server from box and trying to configure it. I set the ip address and all the other details using F8 key. But when i restart the server

it gives me the error

PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable

PXE-MOF Exiting intel boot agent

Please help. its urgent

Server Model is UCS C220 M3


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) is a network boot option.  Check the boot order and make sure that network boot (PXE) is not first in the list.  Secondly how did you order the server, was it ordered as just the UCS C220 M3 or as a Business Edition 6000 (BE6K) system?  If you ordered the BE6K option VMware ESXi should have come pre-installed, otherwise you have to obtain and install VMware ESXi so that you can boot the system off of that operating system and begin creating virtual machines.  Here's a helpful guide for setting things up,

Thanks for the reply Joseph,

I check the boot options in the setup utility and boot option 1 is IBA GE SLot 0100 v 1398.  Am i checking the right thing or i have to change any other boot options.

This is the first time i am handling this server.

Below is the Order details

UCS-CPU-E5-26433.30 GHz E5-2643/130W 4C/10MB   Cache/DDR3 1600MHz2
UCS-HDD300GI2F105300GB 6Gb SAS 15K RPM SFF   HDD/hot plug/drive sled mounted8
UCS-MR-1X082RY-A8GB DDR3-1600-MHz   RDIMM/PC3-12800/dual rank/1.35v8
UCS-RAID-9266CVMegaRAID 9266CV-8i w/TFM + Super   Cap1
UCSC-HS-C220M3Heat Sink for UCS C220 M3 Rack   Server2
UCSC-PCIE-IRJ45Intel i350 Quad Port 1Gb Adapter1
UCSC-PSU-650W650W power supply for C-series   rack servers2
UCSC-RAIL1Rail Kit for C220 C22 C24 rack   servers1
UCSC-SD-16G-C22016GB SD Card Module for C220   servers1

You are in the correct location.  That indicates you are selecting to boot from the network, that's a Gigabit Ethernet (GE) adapter.  Here's how my setup looks to boot from the locally attached hard drives.

Hello Joseph


Thanks for prompt reply


I could not find any HDD option there. It has only IBA and Internal EFI Shell.


Aditionally i enter into mega raid setup and physical and logical view are same. There is no virtual drives created


In Physical View it shows from slot 0 to 7 SAS, HDD, 278.646, unconfigured good. The same output for Logical View.


I am not sure whether the ESXi is installed in it or i have to installed.



  No CD's are received in UCS Box

Problem is solved after downloading the evaluation version of VMware ESXi from VMware website and later activate it with the purchased product key.
At the time of order pre installed vmware server was not ordered therefore i downloaded the VMware ESXi software (compatible for CUCM) created the Raid 5 in the server and install this software. 

After Raid setting and Esxi installation are done, I installed CUCM software and everything went fine. 


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