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Unable to add button for more than 24 IP Phones in CME 7.1 on cisco 2921 router

Riyas ATM


I am able to assign button (under ephone) to only 24 cisco 7942 IP Phones though i was able to add ephone-dns and ephones, for CME version 7.1 on Cisco 2921 router. Licenses have already been purchased for adding the phones  (FL-CME-SRST 25 X 3) along with the router. I have attached a file showing the configuration with the below show commands.

                                                                Sh run

                                                                Sh version

                                                                Sh flash

                                                                Sh inventory

                                                                Sh telephony-service

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

What do you mean "unable to assign" ?

Even if i add the button command under ephone it is not getting updated in the router. ie when i configure the ephone as below

     ephone 31

     mac xxxx.yyyy.zzzz.

     type 7942

     button 1:31

it still shows as      ephone 31

                              mac xxxx.yyyy.zzzz

                              type 7942

The button command doesn't appear in the running configuration and the phone is not getting any extension when connected but getting registered. This problem appears only for the 25th phone onwards. I am new to CME configuration though i installed CME in another location for 50 users without any issues :-)

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Mohammed,

It looks like the ISR actually let you configure 25 (you may have missed this one in your count)

ephone  71
description EC 1
mac-address B414.89A2.5462
ephone-template 10
type 7942
button  1:71

Because it let you configure 25 I have to guess this is a licensing issue. It seems

that only 1 x FL-CME-SRST 25 may have been loaded on-box.

ISR-G2 licensing/registration steps;

ISR 29xx, 39xx



Thanks for your reply and sure will check this. Can you please let me know the command for checking the licenses uploaded in the CME.

It looks like the router got fixed by itself. When i tried to add the button commands after few days when i went to the location, got added without any issue. Not Sure why i was not able to add in the first attempt.

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