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Unable to add polycom phone

S Sadiq

Hi ,

I want to configure polycom (vvx 500 Poe) phone with cucm.

Can you guide the do I have create SIP profile of directly connect the phone and user phone mac address on cucm .

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Jitender Bhandari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You can add it as 3rd party SIP phone. see below

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Hi Jitender,

Thanks for information.

I did but it was not getting the cucm IP  as I'm connected to RDP from local network.

Checkedon the polycom phone Setting>>Status>>TCP\IP :
Ip address,default gateway,subnet was of LAN network and there is no VLAN

How is the polycom getting the configuration? usually for third parties phone you manually need to set the VLAN and call manager servers, no all the phones accepts option 150, some only support 66


Rolando A. Valenzuela

Hi Rolando,

Can you guide for third parties phone which I need to manually set up  VLAN and call manager servers,

Hope this would help



Abhay Singh Reyal
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Hi Abhay,

I did the entire configuration but after giving the line details on phone.

But  I was unable to open the GUI of polycom.

how do i navigate to "Use the Polycom Group Series web administration interface"

I tried  open the GUI of polycom on web-browser based on ip address of polycom phone

can you tel me how to open the GUI of polycom VVX 500 or which address address do I need to use ?


As Rolando correctly stated, you need to add the vx500 phone as third party sip phone on cucm.

Redardind the vlan assignment, here is a useful link on how to configure it on your model.

You also need to configure the right sip profile on your vx phone through settings-->SIP menu with values that you define on the CUCM  and specifying the CUCM ip address as proxy and registrar server.




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Hi Carlo,

I was able to add the device correctly and associate the sip profile to it.

But the phone was not getting the ip from CUCM it was taking the different subnet ip.

Is there any way I can add the TFTP server address manually on Polycom VVX 500 PoE ?


Polycom doesn't need to receive tftp information because CUCM doesn't have nothing to send to it.

The ip address assignment belongs to a dhcp server which could be the cucm itself or another server in your network.

What you need is to access the polycom configuration and set correct sip information.




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