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Unable to CFA to translation pattern

Joshua Falso
Level 1
Level 1



Scenario: Call Forward All to a 4 digit TP that expands out to E164 format. 5170 to +13309265170. +13309265170 is a CTI Route Point that CFA's to Unity Call Handler. I can dial 5170 and it works but if I try to CFA it goes lines voicemail box and doesnt forward to the CTI RP. DNA shows it expands and hits the CTI RP but it doesnt hit the Call Handler. If I CFA to +913309265170 it works.


I am so lost any help would be great!

V/r Josh
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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

So, if I understand this correctly

DN 1111 with CFA -> 5170, which is a TP that expands to +13309265170 -> +13309265170 has CFA to VM


You call 1111 with CFA, and end up in 1111's VM, that is the expected behavior as CUC by default uses the original called number to find the mailbox.

You'd need to change the whole system behavior to use the last redirecting number to do that, or try to play with routing rules in CUC.



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So would I have to setup a Direct or  forwarded routing rule? I assume it I change the setting use last rather than first it would potentially effect a lot more then just my scenario and Call Handler.

V/r Josh