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Unable to dial from SCCP to SIP phone in same domain

Hi Everybody


I have 2 phone registered to the same CUCM( 7.x also tried on 8.1)  cluster.(have only 1 node in cluster)

  • cipc with SCCP
  • 3rd party SIP soft phone with SIP

I am unable to dial SIP phone from SCCP phone , but the SCCP phone is reachable via the sip phone.

When dialing the SIP phone ext from SCCP phone , I do get the ring back tone , but the SIP phone does not ring. 


Any help or suggestion  is very much appreciated.






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Cisco Employee

 Did you check the CSS and PT


Did you check the CSS and PT for these phones? do you have ccm traces ?




Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

HI NadeemThank you for the

HI Nadeem

Thank you for the response .

Yes I have verified the css and partition.

As this is lab setup , bot are set to none.

I tried dialing the sip number(9000@ ) as 9000. Is it proper way of dialing the sip number ?


Also both the phones are registered to the same cluster.



I have attached the trace files . call was made at 4:29 from 9000(sip) to 1012(sccp).


My call manager  ip is:

Cisco Employee

 Which 3rd party SIP client


Which 3rd party SIP client you are using ? is it xlite?

also checked the ccm traces having an issue with that client which is sending expire value less than the keepalive interval in which ccm shutting down this client.

Initially you said you are unable dial SIP phone from SCCP now you saying call was made from SIp to sCCP. anyways are  you able to make call from both side i mean SIP to SCCP and SCCP to SIP.


09/15/2014 04:29:23.503 CCM|SIPStationD(1,100,45,3), ,, primaryDN=9000, Received REGISTER with expires less than keepalive interval, sending 423 and shutting down station|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.8><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Error><MASK::0020>
09/15/2014 04:29:23.503 CCM|DeviceTransientConnection - Transient connection attempt. Connecting Port:5060 Device name [Optional].: Device IP address [Optional].: Protocol.:SIP Device type. [Optional]:336 Reason Code [Optional].:14 Registering SIP User. [Optional].:9000 App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:cucm|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::Alarm><LVL::All><MASK::ffff>
09/15/2014 04:29:23.618 CCM|SIPStationD(1,100,45,4), ,, primaryDN=9000, setOptionsIndicationDefaultOptions: ERROR - Unexpected user agent 5|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.9><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Error><MASK::0020>
09/15/2014 04:29:23.619 CCM|CCM_PI: Found another instance that has the same name at index [1] when caller is trying to add PIClass(Enum=2) with name (SEP123456789123) and index [2] |<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::All><MASK::ffff>
09/15/2014 04:29:24.867 CCM|MmmanService - ERROR  Too many calls to decrementTotalNumberOfRegisteredCallingEntities, Already at zero.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::Error><MASK::0800>
09/15/2014 04:29:37.796 CCM|SIPStationD(1,100,45,4), SEP123456789123,, primaryDN=9000, wait_SIPPublishInd invalid expire time 20.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.10><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Error><MASK::0020>






the above error means

ExpiresTimeTooSmall - (SIP only) A SIP device attempted to register with an Expires value smaller than the configured SIP Station Keepalive Interval value in the Call Manager Service Parameters. Unified CM responded with 423 Interval Too Brief and the device should re-register with the correct Expires value.

from ccm traces looks like its sending expire value 20  which is why its shutting down the devices .increase the value and try make a call & let me know the result.

invalid expire time 20



      Min-Expires: 60







Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

HI NadeemWith I try using the

HI Nadeem

With I try using the using x lite, it works.

I was trying to register my cell phone for internet(sip) calling as third part basic sip device.

The problem only is from sccp to sip. When I call the sip number it just rings, but the phone dosent  ring.


As you suggested I created a new sip profile and changed timers.Still no change.

I have attached the screen shots of the sip profile timers.


Kindly let me know if I have missed anything.

Thanks for your support.



Cisco Employee

Hi krishnashk,Logs which you

Hi krishnashk,

Logs which you have captured are not detailed one. Can you grab detailed Cisco Call Manager Logs.

Refer below to know the procedure to collect Cisco Call Manger Detailed Logs



Mohammed Nor


Hi Mohammed I have attached

Hi Mohammed


I have attached the detailed logs

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Hi krishnashk,I checked the

Hi krishnashk,

I checked the logs and i don't see any abnormal events. Can you confirm if thats the right call with i tracked.

Logs snips below

\\ SIP Invite From SIP Phone \\
09/16/2014 01:04:05.782 CCM|//SIP/SIPUdp/wait_UdpDataInd: Incoming SIP UDP message size 721 from[42766]:
INVITE sip:1012@ SIP/2.0
Call-ID: c54861fe4f2086b05eb843b394784744@
CSeq: 5403 INVITE
From: "9000" <sip:9000@>;tag=4215645212
To: <sip:1012@>
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK36f6380bf05e05babfb6406daf472b27343639;rport
Max-Forwards: 70
Contact: "9000" <sip:9000@;transport=udp>
Content-Type: application/sdp
Content-Length: 297

o=- 1410765207328 1410765207330 IN IP4
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 33050 RTP/AVP 96 97 3 0 8 127
a=rtpmap:96 GSM-EFR/8000
a=rtpmap:97 AMR/8000
a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
a=rtpmap:8 PCMA/8000
a=rtpmap:127 telephone-event/8000
a=fmtp:127 0-15

\\ Digit Analysis Request \\

09/16/2014 01:04:05.789 CCM|Digit Analysis: getDaRes - voiceMailCallingSearchSpace=[]|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.789 CCM|Digit analysis: match(pi="2", fqcn="9000", cn="9000",plv="5", pss="", TodFilteredPss="", dd="1012",dac="0")|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.789 CCM|Digit analysis: analysis results|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0800>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.789 CCM||PretransformCallingPartyNumber=9000

\\ Digit Analysis Response \\

09/16/2014 01:04:05.790 CCM|Digit analysis: daResEntry found.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Arbitrary><MASK::0800>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.790 CCM|Digit analysis: wait_DmPidRes - Name=[569fd496-7413-435a-9d46-62108726302f] cmDeviceType=[UserDevice] Pid=LineControl(1,100,137,54)|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Arbitrary><MASK::ffffff>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.790 CCM|Digit analysis: wait_DmPidRes- Partition=[] Pattern=[1012] Where=[],cmDeviceType=[UserDevice], OutsideDialtone =[0], DeviceOverride=[0], PID=LineControl(1,100,137,54)|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Arbitrary><MASK::0800>

\\  ringMode=2(InsideRing) which signal phone ring \\

09/16/2014 01:04:05.896 CCM|StationD:    (0000004) DEBUG- star_DSetCallState(0) State of cdpc(24) is 2.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::Detailed><MASK::0020>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.896 CCM|StationD:    (0000004) CallState callState=4 lineInstance=1 callReference=22835593 privacy=0 precedenceLv=4 precedenceDm=0|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.897 CCM|StationD:    (0000004) SelectSoftKeys instance=1 reference=22835593 softKeySetIndex=3 validKeyMask=ffffffff.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.897 CCM|StationD:    (0000004) DisplayPromptStatus timeOut=0 Status='Ä9000' content='From 9000' line=1 CI=22835593 ver=8570000f.|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>
09/16/2014 01:04:05.898 CCM|StationD:    (0000004) SetRinger ringMode=2(InsideRing).|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><CT::1,100,186,1.1054><IP::><DEV::><LVL::State Transition><MASK::0020>


\\ UCM send ringing \\

09/16/2014 01:04:05.898 CCM|//SIP/SIPUdp/wait_SdlSPISignal: Outgoing SIP UDP message to[42766]:
SIP/2.0 180 Ringing
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:34:05 GMT
From: "9000" <sip:9000@>;tag=4215645212
Allow-Events: presence
Remote-Party-ID: <sip:1012@>;party=called;screen=yes;privacy=off
Content-Length: 0
To: <sip:1012@>;tag=67499db0-9a6a-4542-81a5-f4d0c3745f07-22835592
Contact: <sip:1012@>
Call-ID: c54861fe4f2086b05eb843b394784744@
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK36f6380bf05e05babfb6406daf472b27343639;rport
CSeq: 5403 INVITE



Mohammed Rafi




Hi Mohammed Thanks for your

Hi Mohammed


Thanks for your response.

I am afraid that is different call.

sccp phone is 1012 and sip phone is 9000.

I believe the above call trace is from sip to sccp phone , which is working just fine

I am confused why the call from 1012(sccp) to 9000(sip) is not captured .

I have attached the logs it contains call from 1012(sccp) to 9000(sip).


Thank you

Cisco Employee

Hi krishnashk,CUCM  don't

Hi krishnashk,

CUCM  don't have any role to play to make  third Party SIP Phone Ring. In logs You got to work Third party to know why SIP Phone don't ring. From CUCM perspective i see SIP phone send ringing signal so that CUCM signal SCCP Phone to trigger Ring back

09/17/2014 01:35:09.609 CCM|EnvProcessUdpHandler::handle_input   Status: 0, Id: 0|<CLID::StandAloneCluster><NID::><LVL::Arbitrary><MASK::0800>
09/17/2014 01:35:09.610 CCM|//SIP/SIPUdp/wait_UdpDataInd: Incoming SIP UDP message size 296 from[43810]:
SIP/2.0 180 Ringing
From: <sip:1012@>;tag=67499db0-9a6a-4542-81a5-f4d0c3745f07-23223582
To: <sip:9000@>;tag=3183669377
Call-ID: c07e3780-418197f4-f-a02a8c0@
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK11565958a
CSeq: 101 INVITE
Content-Length: 0



Mohammed Noor


Hi Mohammed and Nadeem Thank

Hi Mohammed and Nadeem


Thank for your support.

 Its the bug in native android sip client, that it dosent get the phone to ring.

It needs to go through changes in further android release.

Once again thanks for the troubleshooting done guys!


Cisco Employee

Glad to know we were able to

Glad to know we were able to help. :-)


Mohammed Noor

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