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Unable to Transfer calls or Conference on CIsco 8945 phones

Hi All,

We setup some new cisco 8945 to CUCM 9.1.2. When we try to transfer calls or make Confernce calls the buttons do not work.I logged into to extension mobility with an 8945 device prolie and i'm able to conference and transfer calls. Any ideas on how to get the 8945's working with out using Extension Mobility.

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I'd check the maximum number

I'd check the maximum number of calls from that phone to make sure you have enough lines to transfer/conference.



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We have Maximum number of

We have Maximum number of calls set to 4


We converted teh 8945's to

We converted the 8945's to SIP to resolve the issue.


Hi, Do you have any other



Do you have any other SCCP handsets on your system having the same issue? I have not yet converted to SIP but DX650s and Jabber clients can transfer/conference ok.


Running UCM 10.5.1 and 8945s with SCCP894x.9-4-2SR1-2


Hi All, Been doing some

Hi All,


Been doing some testing, I have a new 10.5 install not an upgrade from a previous version.


This has a Softkey Template of 'Cisco User with Feature Hardkeys' which is the default template, the connected state does not have Transfer, makes sense right.


I applied the Standard User Softkey Template to the phone and transfer worked, and does not display the transfer option on the screen. Setting Standard User softkey template as the default fixed and users are now happy. This appears to works just like the voice mail button, it is a physical softkey/speedial button therefore not display on the screen. Or its a bug :)



We have 3000 or so SCCP

We have 3000 or so SCCP phones that do not have any issue tranfering calls or transfering calls, just the 8945's. If i use extension mobility on an SCCP 8945 phone then i can transfer calls and conference calls. My guess i'm running into to a bug. I upgraded all the 8945's to sip and no issues since.


Hello Roark

Hello Roark However, am having issues with call transfer and conference calls on jabber clients as well as 8945 phones. Jabber client, If user A calls user B and user B transfers the call to user C, user A and User C can't hear or see each other. If user A tries to do conference calls with user B and user c, all the video will be disabled as well as no audio. What could be done to resolve this issue? Should I check extension mobility? How do I upgrade from sccp to sip?

The only handsets  we had

The only handsets  we had issues with were the 8945's


Hi, my Cisco 8945 and jabber

Hi, my Cisco 8945 and jabber clients can conference and transfer. I didn't convert sccp to sip.

However, the only problem now is that it can only do audio conference but not video conference. I guess I need external hardware, MCU to be able to handle video conference calls. I thought, with telepresence one can do a max of 4 with multisite

Any other idea

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