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Unassigned DID numbers going to one extension


We are having an issue where we have unassigned DID phone numbers that all end up at one directory number, but then if we setup a translation patterns for that DID, then it routes to the directory we just assigned it to. We are trying to see if there is a way to have all unassigned DID numbers go to a not in service voice recording. We are running CUCM 12.5 and our voicegates are Cisco 4351 using SIP trunks. I know we have voice class pattern-maps configured on the voice gateways, as e164 ^3162184[2-8]..$ but don't know where those are getting pointed at in CUCM. I have searched for these numbers in the route plan report but they don't show up. 

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Accepted Solutions

@robandover385 Things look much better now. After you added the huntstop command to your dial peer 150, the CUBE does not loop the call back to the provider. Instead, it sends a 404 Not Found to the provider. 

The provider does Acknowledge the CUBE's 404 Not Found message but yet again they send a new invite this time to phone number 3162184660. The only way to fix this is to contact IdeaTek and ask them to stop redirecting unsuccessful calls to 3162184660. 

Please also see the below ladder diagram of your call.



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