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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Unified Provisioning Manager 1.0 help

We just obtained the newest and greatest box for managing Callmanager servers and I have a couple questions, hopefully there are others who have set this up. During setup, there is an area where you can enter IP addresses of servers that can communicate with the Provisioning server, but after it is installed, if you add an additional cluster to your network, or an additional subscriber to an existing cluster, there is no field where you can add the IP of that cluster/server.

Second, I do not see that it can manage CUCM 5.1x servers, hopefully this will be made available in the next service release since we have just added a 5.1 cluster to our network alongside our 4.x clusters.


Re: Unified Provisioning Manager 1.0 help

I think the CUPM 1.1 comes out in a couple weeks and probably has support for 5.1

If I understand what you are asking about additional clusters, you can just go to the infrastructure tab, setect set up devices, and add extra call manager publishers/ Unity servers from there.

Hope this helps.


Re: Unified Provisioning Manager 1.0 help

The upgrade is good news, and I found out what the IP addresses are for. I at first thought it was for the callmangers and unity servers and acted like anACL, but that field is only used if you are splitting the database off to another server, the server that needs to use the database will be put in there. Red Herring. I look forward to the upgrade and hope it adds the 5.1 to it. The 5.1 are brand new servers on our network and it would be very good to learn how to use the CUPM on the 5.1 instead of on our current production servers, less likely to cause a major issue.

Thanks for the update.

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