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Unique music on hold for multiple sites

Hello everyone!


I'm curious what other people are doing for MOH for multiple locations.  Scenario is a need for 45 sites to have unique MOH playing that is specific to the location and allow them to manage their own MOH files to change them weekly.  


We are running CUCM 12.5 on top of VMware sitting on hyperflex.  


If we were expected to manage this we would just setup multiple audio sources and modify the common device configuration to apply the specific audio sources to location phones.  The goal is we are not in the MOH file managing game which I assume means we need some kind of 3rd party device that multicasts.  


Interested in what other large organizations are doing for multiple sites.  

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Re: Unique music on hold for multiple sites

The Barix line of products might be worth a look (

Typically, you would configure CUCM as you described it, in the scenario where you manage it yourself, however, you simply pick the SampleAudio file and set the max hops for multicast to 1 (or block it on the ingress switch port). Then you configure 1 Barix device per location, with the same Multicast IP settings you gave to CUCM, so that when devices (E.g., phones and gateways) are instructed to pull MMOH, they get it from the Barix device instead.

What I'm not too sure on is how the sites will supply the Barix device with their music choice. I know in the projects I've worked on, it was a live audio feed from a music player with just an analog connection, but you might want mobile app support, or browser based management, or maybe even usb sticks, etc.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: Unique music on hold for multiple sites


Typically if the system is handled in house by an administrator it would be handled internally using the MoH server and just adding one for each site and loading the correct audio files to each server within CUCM.

Your only problem is that they want to change it weekly. It would have to be 3rd party for exactly the reason you state, which is you would be managing it for them, or you could train a person (probably a nightmare scenario) and give them access to the MoH portion of CUCM and see if they can do it. 


Here is a potential 3rd party


Good luck!

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