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Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules


We currently use Call Handlers and unity subscribers for our support call center. We would like to move to a 3 schedule approach, meaning 3 different groups would get the calls routed to them depending on the time of day. Currently we are just using two teams which fit well with the open and closed greeting. Any idea on how to move this to support three teams? Is my only option using the alernate greeting and having them manually change it throughout the day when that third group starts answering the calls?


Re: Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules

How automated do they want it to be? If the schedule is like clockwork never changing, you could configure time period/time schedule routing along with translation patterns on the CM to point to the AA during the first shift, another AA during the second shift, and a third AA during the fourth shift. If it needs to be more flexible than that, then I'd recommend the third groups goes in manually as you stated.

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Re: Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules

Can you please elaborate?

I have one number xxxx that I would like to setup on different schedules. I don't think the schedule would change much as they would like everything to evolve around UTC. Could you please send me some links on this so I can read up on it?

I think it definitely could be setup better than the way it is currently setup.

Now when the call comes into a XXXX number it gets routed unity, with caller input options. When a call comes into XXXX and it is closed the closed greeting sends it to another unity subscriber with different caller inputs. Depending on what the user selects on these caller inputs the call then goes back to CCM and then gets forwarded to a support staff cell phone number - depending who is on call.

So with them trying to add a 3rd schedule to it I am trying to come up with options.

So basically how would the ToD routing help since I am going to the same # always?

Any other ideas?


Re: Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules

The easiest way to do this would be to nest three call handlers.

Currently, you are doing this with ONE call handler:

Calls get routed to Group1 during the "open" time schedule for your call handler.

This uses your open greeting.

Calls get routed to Group2 during "closed" time schedule for your call handler.

This uses your closed greeting.

I would do this:

Identify the time schedules that each group will be serving:

Group1 = 7:00am - 3:00pm

Group2 = 3:00pm - 11:00pm

Group3 = 11:00pm - 7:00am

Create three separate time schedules.

Create three separate call handlers with the time schedule for that group.

NEST the call handlers to each other through the closed greeting.

Group1 - Closed Greeting points to Group2 Call Handler

Group2 - Closed Greeting points to Group3 Call Handler

Group3 - Closed Greeting points to after hours greeting, voicemail box, or back to Group1 if your call center is 24/7.

The time schedules should ONLY have the open hours for that call group. All other hours need to show closed.

With this design, you can be more flexible with your options. You can have unique options between groups, unique call handler messages, etc.

You can then leave the alternate greeting for emergencies or something.


Re: Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules

Thank you so much.

One last question. How can I put schedules on UTC time when the server is on PST time?


Re: Unity - Call Handler Support Schedules

You would create three new partitions. You would also come up with three new time schedules with time periods in them. Let's say the hours are 7-4, 4-11, 11-7. You would put those time periods in under their respective partition as to make them only valid during that time. So let's say the main number for that is 6000. You would create three translation patterns in the each of those new partitions. The CSS would be one that can call into Unity. The transformed number could be 7000 for the 7-4 time, 7001 for the 4-11 time, and 7002 for the 11-7 time. Create CTI rp's for each of those 7000, 7001, and 7002 numbers. Then in Unity, create 3 separate call handlers accordingly.

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