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Unity Connection 7.1 Search Space Directory Handler

Anyone, getting ready to cutover to UnityConnection from Unity 4. I am having a difficult time with the directory handlers working the way I want. In Unity 4 I've always used COS for the search scope. However, I like the idea of search spaces. I can get the COS search scope working fine. When I change the search scope to a seach space I do not have any matching names. My user is configured to be in the search space SS_Atlanta and my directory handler is searching the search space SS_Atlanta. The SS_Atlanta contains the partition PART_Atlanta. Even if I change my partition info I still get 0 results.



David Hailey

What partition are the user extensions contained in and what CSS do they have visibility to?


So I am dialing 3176 from another IP phone (same results if I dial in from an external number). Below is my config



Search Space:

SS_Atlanta (contains PART_Atlanta)

Directory Handler:


Class of Service:



Extension 3176

Partition: default

Search Space: SS_Atlanta

Class of Service: COS_Atlanta

If call presses 1, sends to DH_Atlanta

Extension 4156

Partition: default

Search Space:  SS_Atlanta

Class of Service: COS_Atlanta

Directory Handler DH_Atlanta:

Partition: PART_Atlanta

Search Scope: SS_Atlanta

So, did some more troubleshooting. When I put either extension above in the partition PART_Atlanta, when I press the messages button OR when I dial the number, the CUC default greeting plays. It does ring to my greetings. When I remove the partition from the extensions it rings to my greetings just fine. What partition/CSS does the incoming call from call manager get tagged in? Is there something I am missing as how to define what is coming from call manager??

So, in just looking quickly at this - I noted that your user extensions are in the default partition; however, your DH has the CSS of SS_Atlanta assigned which appears to specifically contain only the PART_Atlanta partition.  Look at SS_Atlanta and you should see assigned and unassigned partitions.  What partitions are unassigned?  The DH can only look up user extensions that are in partitions assigned to it's CSS.


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Thanks Hailey. I had to add my branch partitions to the default CSS.

No problem.  I thought that would be the case.  As for some of your questions/comments about behavior from a CUCM/phone dialing perspective vs. what happens once a call gets into CUC, these are independent of each other really.  The PT's and CSS that are created in CUC determine what objects in CUC have visibility to once a call enters voicemail and lands on a specific call handler or user object, etc.  The CUCM is simply getting the call to voicemail - there is no tagging or anything other than CUCM saying here is a call that was redirected to voicemail and providing the info (call info) associated with that call.

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