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Unity Connection 8.5 > Single Inbox wav change filename from VoiceMessage.wav

Mike Lydick
Level 1
Level 1

Is there a way in Unity Connection 8.5 when using Single Inbox (Exchange 2007 EWS) to have the file name changed each time?

Currently when I go into Outlook - Inbox each Voicemail has an attachment VoiceMessage.wav

Customer want's each file to be unique such as VoiceMessage0134.wav, VoiceMessage0135.wav, etc.

Each time they Save the message they have to rename it and find this inconvient in Windows, much less when using a cell phone such as Blackberry.  They want to save off every message and they are all named VoiceMessage.wav.

Maybe VoiceMessage%timestampe%.wav ? or something similar?

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Nathan Gageby
Level 4
Level 4

Cisco has a document about this and it is a known issue in 8.x.  We asked for a work around and were told none existed.    This causes an errorr in Outlook after a user receives 100 VM's that causes an error and the temp folder needs to be flushed.  I don't have the document link.

We have had the same problem, and would like to know a solution if one becomes available.  In our case, the temp folder needed to be flushed at 200 messages.  The document link from Microsoft describing this issue is