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Unity Connection 8.5: User Roles

I have created a new user called Unity Admin.  I have added the helpdesk role to the user.  When I log in as that user I can still see more than I want the people that will be using that account to see.  When I try to edit the role the options are all grayed out.  The system does not let me create a new role either.  How can I remedy this?

Cisco Unity Connection version: 8.5.1ES65.13900-65



Rob Huffman
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Hi Melissa,

You won't love this answer, but please don't shoot the messenger

At this time there is no way to setup a new "customised" Role with Unity


Roles in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x

Cisco Unity Connection offers levels of privileges for administrator  accounts, set according to a list of predefined roles. Roles specify  which tasks administrators can do. Before you add administrator  accounts, select the roles that are assigned to each account. You can  change which roles are assigned to the accounts at any time.

Connection comes with the following predefined roles. To see the  specific privileges for each administrator role, in Cisco Unity  Connection Administration, expand System Settings > Roles and select  the name of each role. You cannot make changes to the permissions that  are associated with each predefined role.

Audio Text Administrator

This role allows an administrator to manage call handlers, directory handlers, and interview handlers.

Audit Administrator (Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and later only)

This role allows an administrator to enable or disable Cisco Unity  Connection application and database auditing, to configure audit  settings, and to view or delete audit logs.

Greeting Administrator

This role allows an administrator to access the Cisco Unity Greetings  Administrator, a Connection phone conversation that allows users to  manage the recorded greetings for call handlers by phone.

Note You  need to assign this role to a User with Voice Mailbox account because  the administrator must be able to access Connection by phone.

Help Desk Administrator

This role allows an administrator to reset user passwords and PINs, unlock user accounts, and view user setting pages.

Mailbox Access Delegate Account

A user with this role has access to all messages. Remote applications  such as Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage use the username and password  of a user with this role for the purposes of retrieving messages on  behalf of other users.

Typically this role is assigned to only one user account, which does not  represent a real user but exists to access mailboxes on behalf of other  users.

Remote Administrator

This role allows an administrator to administer the database by using remote tools.

System Administrator

This is the top-level Connection administration role. This role allows  access to all Connection administrative functions, including all user  and system settings, all reports, and all administration and diagnostic  tools.

The default administrator account that the installer specified during initial setup of Connection is set to this role.

A System Administrator is the only role that has permission to create administrative accounts.


This role allows an administrator access to all functions that enable  management of the Connection server and phone system integration  settings; administrators with this role can also run all reports, use  diagnostic tools, and view all system and user settings pages.

User Administrator

This role allows an administrator to manage user accounts, access all  user administration functions, and use user administration tools.

From Unity/Unity Connection guru Lindborg;



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Your right I don't love that answer

but thanks for replying so quickly!


This is absolutely ridiculous.  Why would the Help Desk Administrator for example not be allowed to create and delete user accounts for voicemail boxes????  Totally not shooting the messenger here however this is a serious miss by Cisco.  There are too many scenarios in which for example you would not want to provide all the create privileges that are supplied with the Technician role just to allow a Helpdesk Support Technician be able to create/delete users yet that is what I am having to do for a federal agency and they are VERY unhappy about this.  

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

CUC 11.5 now has this



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