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Unity Connection 8.6 Directory Handler Message

I'm trying to find and eventualy replace the directory message that pops up when you pick up the handset, dial your voicemail (envelope key) and then press the # key.

There is a message there that we evidently posted some time ago, but now I need to update/replace it.  I have the new message, I just can;t seem to figure out how and where to put it.

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Unity Connection 8.6 Directory Handler Message

Hello David,

If i assume properly you probably want to update the greeting for the Directory handler right?

Go to the directory handler> Edit> Greetings


David                                                                                                                                                            David

Re: Unity Connection 8.6 Directory Handler Message

To add a tip to what David suggested (+5 P David) click on play/record button and a java application would start.
Than, on the top left of this app you can choose "use computer" and from there you can upload the new prompt.




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Unity Connection 8.6 Directory Handler Message

I attempted these steps (all of them) prior to opening the discussion.  I have a wave file that I'd like to use and even if I apply that file to the Directory Handler, it doesn't appear to actually get updated.  After Saving the update, is there something I need I do to Unity to make it stick?

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Re: Unity Connection 8.6 Directory Handler Message

Hi David,

First off, +5 to David & Carlo for their great tips here!

I would use this Tool from the great suite of Unity Tools to have a look at the call flow

on a "test" call to see where the call goes when you press # so you can change

the greeting on the proper Handler

Port Status Remote Monitor for Connection (rPSM)

Here where I do the exact steps you mentioned in your original post. You will see

where I press # here;

Event is [TT#Event]

And then I'm routed to the Opening Greeting Call Handler in this test case;

Playing greeting for Call Handler:  Opening Greeting

06:54:20, New Call, CalledId=8700,  RedirectingId=,  Origin=16,  Reason=1,  CallGuid=946CF65005DF4A2884EDB9538B7EDA15,  CallerName=Rob Huffman,  LastRedirectingId=,  LastRedirectingReason=1024,  PortDisplayName=CallManager-1-001,[Origin=Invalid],[Reason=Invalid]

06:54:21, AttemptSignIn

06:54:21, State - AttemptSignIn.cde!Dummy

06:54:21, Event is [NULL]

06:54:21, SubSignIn

06:54:21, Subscriber Sign-In

06:54:21, State - SubSignIn.cde!AnswerPhone

06:54:21, Event is [TrueEvent]

06:54:21, State - SubSignIn.cde!AuthenticateUser

06:54:21, -->SubAuthenticate

06:54:21,         State - SubAuthenticate.cde!TryCounter

06:54:21,         Event is [NULL]

06:54:21,         State - SubAuthenticate.cde!GatherID

06:54:21,         Event is [FalseEvent]

06:54:21,         State - SubAuthenticate.cde!LoadSubscriberMinimalData

06:54:21,         Event is [NULL]

06:54:21,         State - SubAuthenticate.cde!GatherPIN

06:54:21,         -->SubAuthenticatePW

06:54:21,                 State - SubAuthenticatePW.cde!ValidatePwd

06:54:25,                 Event is [TT#Event]

06:54:25,         <--SubAuthenticatePW

06:54:25,         Event is [TT#Event]

06:54:25,         State - SubAuthenticate.cde!RouteToNextConversation

06:54:25,         Event is [NULL]

06:54:25, <--SubAuthenticate

06:54:25, Event is [NULL]

06:54:25, AttemptSignIn

06:54:25, State - AttemptSignIn.cde!Dummy

06:54:25, Event is [NULL]

06:54:26, PHTransfer

06:54:26, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo

06:54:26, Event is [TrueEvent]

06:54:26, PHGreeting

06:54:26, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting

06:54:26, Call answered if needed

06:54:26, Playing greeting for Call Handler:  Opening Greeting



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