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Unity Connection 9.1(2) - Mass Appearance of VoiceMails

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                   Trying to see if anyone has seen this before.  VMs were being successfully left and retrieved from a particular VM box.  Yesterday over 200 VMs appeared in the mailbox with timestamps ranging from about the time an upgrade was done (October 2013 from 7.1(5) to 9.x to present day.  The only thing anyone knows for sure was done was a resync of the MWI on the same day and within a couple of hours of the new VMs being seen.

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Dennis Mink

is this confined to CUC? , I mean something must be triggering this VM account to be invoked, obviously?!    Any insight in the caller ID of those messages.  

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Hello Travis,

Do you have SIB (Unified Messaging) and or is this a cluster?



William Bell

Syncrhonizing MWI shouldn't lead to recovering 200 voicemail messages.

If yu are using UM/Single Inbox then I would be curious to see if someone did a restore on the Exchange side.

I am also curious on message retention policies. How is CUC configured to handle saved and deleted messages. Do you purge deleted messages?

This line of quesitioning is not related to the Exchange statement. I am just curious and pondering (in the back of my mind) if there was a way to undelete 200 messages on purpose or by way of software defect/issue. If you are purging messages then that thought is moot.

Sorry, no answers but it is an interesting problem for sure.


-Bill (

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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True the Synchronization of the MWI will not trigger having mass received emails. If SIB or Unified Messaging is already enabled and you performed a restoration of the Exchange mailboxes from an old backup  without Disabling Single inbox features , the Sync Cash in the Cisco Unity Connection will not have those recorded in the cash and it might conclude they are new voicemails , and sync of MWI showed that. You can check also

for ways to reverse this action.

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