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Unity Connection 9.1 does not answer calls

Hi I have setup a cucm 9.1 cluster and a cuc 9.1 cluster which i have integrated with sccp.

A have designed a centrally based voice messaging solution comprised of 2 nodes in a cluster connected on a campus mpls network.

The problem is that although the integration test from unity connection seems to be fine, when i forward a DN to voicemail and try to call that DN

i get a call failure tone. It seems that the call is not reaching cuc, because i monitor the ports of cuc and all the ports are idle. As far as partitions and css i believe that i am fine because i run the dial analyser tool and it seems fine. Also i can call voice mail from the phones and personalize the mailbox of a user.

I believe it is a license issue: I have 300 users on my cucm cluster with cuwl licenses. I tried to import 2-3 users from cucm but i get license violation,

is that correct with cuwl license i think that you do not need any extra licenses for voice mail and auto attendant. Am I correct ?

Also in my integration i cannot add more than 24 ports how can i expand to 48 do i need license for that as well ?

How can i troubleshoot that issue ?



Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Look at CUCM traces to find out exactly why calls are not hitting CUC.

No, how many VM port you can configure, is directly tied to the HW platform, so, you need a bigger OVA/MCS if you want more ports.



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I configured and monitored the traces but i cannot understand where is the problem. Definitely it is not a partition or css problem. In the license tab -> license usage i do not see any HA license comment. I believe it must be something wrong with the license. I cannot find anything else that is not properly setup.

Dear All,


I got finally my licenses and the cuc is working fine when i call forward calls to voicemail pilot number.

The only issue is that if i tick the voicemail check box instead of forwarding to the voicemail pilot number the call is dropped.

Am i missing something ?

It is like cucm does not know the voicemail pilot number!!

Any recomendations?



Have you setup a voice mail profile for the users? You need to have a vm profile and assign your pilot number to it, then add the profile to the extension of your users under the DN.

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yes of course i have configured a vm profile and assigned a pilot number on it and then i add it (in the voice mail profile tab) in the dns that i need voicemail.

I figured out why the voicemail tick box was not working! The css of the voicemail profile could not reach the partition of the vm pilot! I think the sccp integration guide does not mention this detail, if i am not mistaken! Anyway everything is working correctly now! Thank you all for the guidance!!

Hi Michalis1234,

I am glad that issue has been resolved :-) but Have you got the answer of your mentioned query which says "is that correct with cuwl license i think that you do not need any extra licenses for voice mail and auto attendant".

I am also little bit doubt full and confused on CUWL part as some document says, if you go for CUWL then it enables voice mail as well. Then why it required separate license for CUC if we have CUWL already in CUCM ?

Below document says UWL includes "enhanced messaging (voicemail) unified clients" what does that mean ?

> Attached image says CUWL includes "Unity Connection", what does that mean ?

> And below document says "You can have CUWL licenses with Messaging Add on", what does that mean ?

Can someone please clarify the CUWL in perspective to Voice mail (CUC) in simple words.


I probably had that issue because i had upgraded my cucm from 7.1 to 9.1 and i also upgraded my dlu licenses to cuwl standard. In my old cucm 7.1 i did not have cuc integrated.

I guess this is the only answer i can assume!




1. Check if unity is default voicemail set on DN?

2. Check if you can reach unity by dialing the Voice mail pilot?


Yes I have set the default mailbox on the DN.

I can reach unity welcome greeting when i dial the pilot number.

make a test call and collect the CUCM traces

I have made some calls and i am attaching the traces.

What is the calling and called number?

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The calling number is 22156 and the called dn that is forwarded to voice mail (1000) is 22195. Also i have called from pstn as well. The trace settings that you mentioned i will have to check it and come back.

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