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Unity connection 9.x import LDAP or Phone System - Speed up LDAP SYNC

We have CUCM and CUC 9.1, both LDAP integrated - our issue is the fact the Voice Help Desk needs to wait at least the 6 hours after ( lowest setting in LDAP Directory Sync) a new AD User is created by the LDAP team before the Voice Help Desk can See the User in either CUCM or CUC and then be able to assign devices to the User or Create a Voice Mail box.

Here are my Questions -

     1)     Is there ANY way to speed up the LDAP Directory Re-Sync the lowest setting is 6 hours, we need New users to SYNC up within Minutes so the Voice Team can start their work, as the Help Desk does NOT have Rights to access the Voice LDAP Settings, to force a Re-Sync.

     2)     Does anyone know of a way to Give a Help Desk User the ability to access the "Perform Full Sync Now" in the LDAP Directory Field but not have ability to Change ANY other LDAP Settings?

     3)     Final Question -  With BOTH CUCM and CUC LDAP Integrated, what is the Difference then if you Import a User From LDAP vs Import a User from Phone System ( AXL). I know logically that AXL goes to CUCM.. Here is why I ask.

          If the Help Desk Created a Local Active User in CUCM, that had the Proper LDAP Username as in AD, and associated a Phone to it, set the Primary Extensions etc.... this User would Automatically become an LDAP Sync'd User after CUCM does it next Sync ( 6 - 12 Hours). BUT what would happen and would their be any issues if once they Created a Local Active User, then in CUC they IMPORT from PhoneSystem this User --> Associate to correct User Template and Manually assign the Voice Mail DN XXXX .

     Would or Could this CUC User and Mailbox Also automatically become an LDAP ? or would I still have to wait and set the "Integrate With LDAP" Settings a day later?

     If I they did IMPORT from Phone System and then Later enabled the "Integrate With LDAP" Settings" would this cause or make any of the Voice Mail Box Settings any different then if I had waited and Imported from LDAP.

Thank you in advance.



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Unity connection 9.x import LDAP or Phone System - Speed up LDAP

1. No

2. No

3. The difference is that if you integrate directly with LDAP users can access Unity pages using LDAP password, otherwise the password would be local, even with CUCM AXL integration.

Most organizational changes in my experience are done in sequence and employee is added to AD as one of the first steps, adding phone/voicemail follows later and not necessarily immediately, so I have never seen this as an issue.  However if you want to add the voicemail right away you can build the user as local user with the same user ID and then after the sync simply check the ldap integrated checkbox to convert the user to ldap integrated user.