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Aarti Chitre

Unity connection - Alertnate extension - Error

I added a voicemail box for a new user. While trying to define an alertnate extension, I get the following error:

"A User with the specified extension already exists in the Partition."

Now, the extension previously belonged to another user, but that mailbox was deleted before defining it for this user.

Is there anything that I m missing -- if I need to delete the old user related information.



I would guess that when the old mailbox was deleted, that extension was added as an alternate extension onto someone else's voice mailbox.  You can check that by searching for that extension in under Users.  The trick is that the default search does not return alternate extensions.  To find those, you need to limit the search to a paritular partition.  When you do that, you have the option of returning only primary extensions or primary and alternate extensions.  Of course, if you have multiple partitions, you need to search each partition seperately.

Thanks Chris! I am with Rob, never knew how to search like that 5 for sure.

Gotta love the Support Communities, almost 2 years later and this helped me! Thanks again.

Big Ups to Chris! I was stuck and this helped me out big time. The alternate extension was under my account. Doh! I used it for testing and forgot to remove it.

Awesome! Posted 5 years ago...but it helped me today! I, too, never knew this. Thanks!

Thanks Chris! this also helped me

Thank you, your alternate extension suggestion was bang on :)

I've always wondered how to search for this, A great big Thank you, Chris!!

Thanks! Just saved me a whole heck of a lot of frustration.

Thanks Chris,

you save me today!


Thanks Chris, worked like a charm!

Thank you. I have been looking for this for a while now.

Thanks Chris.

Thank you for this @CHRIS CHARLEBOIS - you saved me tons of work and hours :)

This is amazing !!!.
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