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Unity Connection dial within user's voicemail/mailbox

Our client is requesting that when a call goes to voicemail and the person that is calling in dials "0" the call goes to the local operator. We do that in CUCM with calling search spaces and partitions. But in unity we have not been able to figure out how to do this. Is there any way to just forward the 0 to call manager? or to create different call handlers "0"?

The question is, what permisions/partitions does CUC take when someone dials from within a user's mailbox?

We have CUC version 9x


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Simply setup the caller input for 0 to transfer it to operator call handlers.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Simply setup the caller input for 0 to transfer it to operator call handlers.


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Yes Chris is right, its all done within Unity Connection.  What I have done in the past is setup an OPERATOR call handler for each group/location/department.  It does not need a DTMF ID it just needs a descriptive name and the 'transfer to' set to the appropriate operator extension.

Then find some way to identify the groupings in your Voicemail users, maybe the locations all have specific DID ranges or maybe something about their alias...  (maybe all extensions in Reno have a 30xxx format)   Anyway, run bulkedit within the CUCx administration to modify all extensions beginning with 30 for example to set call input 0 to transfer to call handler 'RenoOperator'.  Then do the same for all users observing the groupings paired with the correct operator.

You can take it a step further by then creating location specific subscriber templates with the correct caller input 0 present within the template so all new users can be setup correctly (if the proper subscriber template is used of course).  Then you won't have to bulk edit again unless you have a large office move.


Rob Huffman
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Hi there,

Chris & Casey have provided a perfect way to set this up (+5 each!)

Bulk Edit (with .csv) may be your best friend here as this may

be something where it isn't easy to identifiy "user group" associations

with a specific operator (as Casey nicely noted).

Generally, Dial 0 operators are set up in groups related to

departmental admins or based on location, so what you can do here is to use

Bulk Edit (with .csv) and change these in groups/departments

or locations.

As a test here I tried the Bulk Edit and chose;

User with Voicemail > Users referenced in this CSV file > Next

This then allowed me to browse to an existing "basic" .csv that I had

used to create a test user recently when playing with BAT. In this .csv

I had one user named Bob Uncle with DN/ext 5126. So when I used this method

the Bulk Edit tool (smart puppy ) selected only Bob Uncle for my edit choices

and I was able to change the Caller Input settings I wanted

It looks like this may be your best bet, try manipulating some test users to perfect

your methodology.

I have attached the test .csv I used with Bulk edit below




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Hi, thank you for all your answer, they were all very helpfull. I didn't know you could set caller input inside a user's extension. It is now working. I have, as you suggested set up an operator handler for each site and updated users to be redirected according the site they are in.

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