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Unity Connection PIN


is there is a way to unify the PIN that is used in extension mobility with the PIN used in the Unity Connection?

so when i change the PIN of one application either the extension mobility or the Unity Connection to affect the other application.



If you have the CUCMBE the Account (Username, Password and PIN) is managed on the CUCM User Account Page.

Just use 12345 for Password and PIN.

Do not fall in the trap on customizing each users password and pin. This will make your life a living hell!!!!!


Thanks for your response but i have CUCM & CUC, and my customer asked me if the end user can unify his pin that is used in Extension Mobility to login with the pin used in the Unity Connection to access voice mail profile.

is that applicable?

Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, the DB process to change the PIN is not connected at all to replicate the information.

You certainly can use it on both, but you need to change it on both systems.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Thanks Java,

I have a customer who has asked me about the PIN access for Unity Connection, why do they need to do it when they are dialling from their own IP Handset.

They accept this is usefull dialling from another handset, can we globally disable the Unity Connection PIN requirement?

Or how do we set it as you said earlier to a default 12345 for all users?

Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Pete,

This setting is not available via "Bulk Edit". This can only

be changed on existing users via a one-up method For future users this setting

can be configured on the Template that is associated during the initial setup.

Allowing Users to Access Cisco Unity Connection by Phone Without Entering a Password

By  default, users are prompted for a password before they can log on to  Cisco Unity Connection to check messages or change their personal  settings. As a convenience to users who often access Connection from a  mobile phone, home phone, or phone in a secured office within your  organization, you may consider specifying that Connection should not  prompt them to enter a password when they call Connection to access  their mailbox from their primary extension or alternate devices. (When  they call Connection from an unknown extension, Connection prompts them  for their passwords as usual.)

For  security reasons, it may not be appropriate to allow users who work in  shared workspaces, cubicles, or other public areas in your organization  (such as a lobby or reception area) to access Connection by phone  without first entering a password.

Users  who do not have to enter a password to log on to Connection are still  prompted to renew their phone passwords when they expire.

To Allow Users to Access Cisco Unity Connection By Phone Without Entering a Password

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the user account or template that you want to edit.

Step  2 On the Edit User Basics or User Template Basics page (as applicable),  check the Skip Password When Calling From a Known Extension check box.

Step 3 Click Save.



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