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Unity Cxn 8.5 with Exchange 2007


I hope any of you could help me with a problem I have when deploying Unity Cxn 8.5 with and Exchange 2007.

I configured the Unified Messaging Service this way:


Type                              : Exchange

Display Name                 : Exchange 2007

Web-Based Auth Mode     : NTLM

Web-Based Protocol          : HTTPS

[Checked] Validate Certificates for Exchange Servers

Exchange servers:

[Selected] Specify an Exchange Server

Exchange Server          : <IP Address of one server of the cluster>

Active Directory Account Used to Access Exchange :

Username                    : The one created by the AD Admin.

Pass                            : the same...



Message action for email     : Relay the message

Message Action for fax          : Accept the message


Everytime I do the Test, I get this error, which says that the certificate for the server is invalid.


After this, I asked the Exchange Administrator to send me a valid certificate. I did it and then I loaded it into the Certificate Management under OS Administration. I selected the tomcat-trust option when performing this, but still it didn't work. It continues giving me the same error.

The Exchange administrator asked me for the CSR and then made a new certificate, based on this file. Still it doesn't work.

When I go to Users -> Users -> Select a valid user -> Edit -> Unified Messaging Account and do the test for the service, I get this errors:


Please consider that I wasn't the one who created the system account for this service. The guy who did it said he read and applied all the requisites I send him to the account created (the ones contained in the "Unified Messaging Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Version 8.x" guide).

I would be very very very thankful if someone help me with this. I don't have how to prove if the certificate or the system account are well generated.

If you need more information, please let me know.

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