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Unity data migration/consolidation using COBRAS tool

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Has anyone performed a Unity migration/consolidation using COBRAS successfully?

We need to consolidate then upgrade our Unity 4.2 servers as we are consolidating our Exchange 2003 servers to Exchange 2007. After consolidating Unity 4.2, we will upgrade to Unity 7 to support Exchange 2007.

Our environment is as follows:

Site 1 - 2 Unity 4.2 servers w/failover, 1 Exchange 2003, 480 users

Site 2 - 2 Unity 4.2 servers w/failover, 1 Exchange 2003, 620 users

Site 3 - 2 Unity 4.2 servers w/failover, 1 Exchange 2003, 270 users

Exchange 2007 will only be on Site 1. All sites are in one domain.

We plan on using COBRAS for migrating subscribers. Looks like COBRAS is a better tool than the Migrate Subscriber Data tool.

We need to consolidate Sites 2 and 3 to Site 1.

Our migration plan using the COBRAS tool is as follows.

1. Run COBRAS Export on Site 2 and 3

2. Run COBRAS Import of Site 2 and 3 data to Site 1

3. Move Site 2 and 3 Exchange mailboxes to Site 1

4. Decommission Site 2 and 3 Unity and Exchange 2003

5. Upgrade Site 1 Unity 4.2 to Unity 7

6. Partner Unity with Exchange 2007

Would the above be a sound migration plan? Any comments or recommendations will be appreciated.

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Tommer Catlin
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If Site 1, 2, 3 are all in the same domain I would recommend using the GSM tool in Unity Tools Depot. Digital Network all the servers, and use GSM. Then use Cobras for the Call Handlers.

If the sites are all in separate domains, then, probably Cobras will be your best bet. There are limitations, and voicemails are marked as new when they are imported to the new site. (which can be an issue)

Throw about some more questions and let's what else we can come up with.

Thanks! I'll take a look at the GSM tool. Meanwhile, do you have some info/link on how to configure Digital Networking.

You can always hire us! :) Just jokin. You can figure Digital Network fairly easy.

Create the Dial ID for each location (unique)

Create the dialing domain( one on one Unity server)

Then wait for AD replication to take place. Once AD is done, you should see on the other Unity servers, when you enable Digital Networking, the drop down menu for the Dialing domain.. If its not there, replication is not done yet.

Once it's done, then follow the GSM help file for setting up subscribers to move/to from other unity servers.

Actually we have a support contract with you guys (Nexus-IS) already. Craig Stolins is our assigned engineer. Can I open a ticket for this? Just kidding. Can I?

Anyway, thanks so much for the quick reply. I will check out the url for DN. Will let you know if I have more questions.

I emailed craig and let him know. But feel free to ask questions. The forums are great.


One more link for you:

GSM training video.

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