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Unity Express 8.6.7 intgration with CUCM 10?

I'm working on a 2911, with a ISM-SRE-300-K9 running CUE 8.6.7 (confirmed clean install).  The CTI Ports are not registering with CUCM, all the steps have been triple checked, yet they don't register.


The CUE talks to CM fine and pulls the 4 CTI Ports we configured on CUCM, but if you click the 'show available ports in CUCM" it immediately crashes the CUE and it reboots.


I have a case open and it may be a bug, but wanted to see if anyone here has CUE working with CUCM 10.



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I assume you have triple checked this as well in CLI?


1. Jtapi Integration to CUCM

ccn subsystem jtapi
 ctiport xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
 ccm-manager address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x 
 end subsystem


2. JTAPI config Pilot number config

ccn trigger jtapi phonenumber XXXX
 application "voicemail"
 maxsessions 8
 end trigger

Best Regards

Yes, confirmed that is all correct.


The ports don't register and when you click "expand to also show available ports on cucm" the CUE crashes:

CRASH appsServices startup System has crashed. The trace buffer information is stored in the file "atrace_save.log". You can upload the file using "copy log" command


if I enable jtapi debugs, it just says out of service:

1936: Jun 03 14:38:03.212 EDT %JTAPI-MISC-7-UNK:(P42-x.x.x.x) ReceiveThread starting up...
1937: Jun 03 14:38:03.213 EDT %JTAPI-PROTOCOL-7-UNK:(P42-x.x.x.x) received Response: {
  sequenceNumber = 0
  result         = -1932787395
  description    = Provider Init is not done -- Open rejected
1938: Jun 03 14:38:03.214 EDT %JTAPI-PROTOCOL-7-UNK:(P42-x.x.x.x) received Event: {
  eventSequence                 = 41

This might be a silly question but you have created the CTI ports manually under devices --> phones with the correct DP, Location, PArtition, CSS and MRGL? And you have restarted the CTI Manager under serviceability?


Best Regards

All done as well, pretty sure this is going to be a bug but was hoping someone else here has gotten cue and cucm 10 working together.

All the best I am only doing CUCM 10 and CUE next month when I have some spare time in the LAB, but will keep an eye here. All the best hope you get it going.

Best Regards

I will definitely post the resolution if found outside of this thread.  The TAC engineer found 2 similar cases and was tracking down the owners of those cases to get a status.



I'm having the same problem with CUCM

The CTI Ports don't register on CUCM and when I press the 'Expand to also show available ports on CUCM' the CUE crashes and reloads.

Is there already a solution for this issue?






Hi Kevin,

Did TAC respond you for the same problem ?

Our client is going to upgrade cucm from 8.6 to 10.5 & having same CUE version in 2951.


Cisco have released a bug ID but it is listed as "fixed" with a workaround of downgrading cucm..

Correct - pretty rough fix.  I would open a new tac case and see if there is any unofficial workaround yet or ES release.

We ended up putting in a CUE on UCS-E with CME as SRST for this remote site and haven't had another client yet with a CUE go to 10.

Hi Kevin,

Did you find any unofficial workaround from TAC ?

Would you mind if you can share solution ?

Becasue I have an upgrade about to come soon from cucm 8.6 to cucm 10 with SRST routers having AIM & NM CUE modules.

Would appreciate your feedback.



No, it doesn't look like there has been a resolution yet for the bug (CSCup55019).  In this design we went with a UCS-E module in the router and ran unity connection and cme-as-srst

Thank for update.

I am not able to find out about UCS-E module.

Which module is this ? How did you use it for Unity Express ? Do you have details about it ?

I believe UCS-E its UCS server not module.

Correct, UCS-E is a UCS Server blade for routers.  The customer had full blown CUCM/Unity Connection at the other sites so we had returned the unity express router for a 2911 UCS-E 140S and install full blow Unity Connection on it with cme-as-srst on the router so Unity connection will register locally if the wan goes down.