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Unity Express Time issue



Is there any way to change unity express

Data and time manually .

its not syncing with ntp servers.

pls reply


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Date and time are determined by the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server and cannot be set

in the Cisco Unity Express software. Cisco Unity Express can be configured as an NTP

client. See the NTP configuration section in the Cisco Unity Express 2.3 CLI Administrator

Guide and your NTP server documentation for more information. This is the documentation

for setting this up on the server. These are some commands you can run to check the

connection etc...Is there another NTP server you can try pointing to from CUE (if you

cannot get to the current one?).



Thanks very much

i tried configuring more than 2 NTP servers.

but the issue is that its not syncing to any of NTP servers.

thats why i tried to configure manuallly

is there any way to make it sync

pls reply

I am having the same issue. CUE does not sync with the NTP servers, and I cannot change the time manually. I even tried setting the NTP server as the router, but that didn't work either. CME time is right, CUE time is roughly 11.5 hours off.

I have this working on all my CME/CUE routers. On the CUE config I have the following:

ntp server

And this IP corresponds to the one used on the following command under the Service-Engine interface:

service-module ip default-gateway

By the way, what is CUE reporting when you run "sh ntp stat" at the command line?



I tried getting this to work with windows 2003 server etc... no luck

What i did is i configured the router where the unity box is installed on as NTP master.

In conf mode configure the router as NTP master with a stratum of 1

Then in the NM-CUE put ntp server x.x.x.x (ip of your router)

This should now sync your time with the router, be sure you set the timezone correctly on both devices (also manually set the time on the router ofcourse.)

Some helpfull commands

show ntp status

show ntp assoc

hope this helps!

My issue is that when we set timezone for Central Daylight time, in CUE 2.1 CDT is not valid. You can only pick CST, but when dailight savings time hits, it still thinks it is standard because CDT is not valid...

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