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Unity Express v7.1 showing "-1" in message count


Having an issue with Cisco Unity Express.  Have one user that is unable to listen to messages via TUI.  When the user receives a VM, the MWI light goes on as it should and they get the message via email, but when they call into CUE, it says "No New Messages" and they are unable to listen to them.

I checked the CUE GUI for that user and it showed "-1" for the message count....all other users show 0 or a positive number.  When I leave a test VM, it increments to 0, but still says "No New Messages" when the user calls the TUI.  So it appears that CUE thinks there are no new messages due to the counter being off.

Anyone know a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.


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Harmit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

HI John,

Could you send me the following details:

++          show voicemail mailboxes

++          show software version

++          show software license

++          Is this an AIM or an NM module?

++          Is this a UC520 by any chance?

++          Are you using IMAP integration for this user?

I found several bugs but nothing specific to version 7.1 as of yet. However, I did notice that the workaround mentioned in those defects was to reload the CUE. Just wondering if that can be done after hours?

Once I have the above details, I would be able to tell you the next action plan.



Forgot to mention the DDTS:

CSCsq77507    Negative message count seen while deleting messages through imap


Avoid modifying message state from multiple clients (for example, TUI and IMAP) simultaneously.

Reloading the system will reset the counts.

CSCso00803    negative message time seen

Both the DDTS have not been resolved yet and chances of them getting resolved in the 7.x train are bleak. I would recommend rebooting the CUE module and testing it out. Let me know how it goes. HTH.



paolo bevilacqua
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