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Unity, Getting voice mail into the correct box thoughts and ideas


Good Day,


we are a school district of many and because of Covid we had all the teachers work from Home where we set up Jabber on  their computers. with this we gave them a Jabber Ext for example 92001.  We also gave them a voice mail box tied to this ext with VM to email. 


When the staff comes back a building there is a physical phone in the room that they will occupy for the school year. the classroom phone assigned to that classroom may have a ext of 23250.


Now here comes the question.

when they are back in the buildings and the office wants to get a hold of the teacher they call the classroom phone ext (23250) assigned to that classroom.  The classroom phone does not have Voice mail. We want the option of if that phone is not answered the call will get to the teachers Jabber ext (92001) and take a message in that box.  If you forward a phone without VM to a phone with VM it does not work as Unity does not know what to do with the cal. I know I can do this with Alternate extensions in Unity but our teachers move around and sometimes we do not get notified of the move and so the message would go to the wrong email. we have around 8000 employees and we would like to streamline this somehow if possible.  trying to figure out how to do this with very Minimal programming changes as we have lots of staff moving around each year.




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Could you set the teachers up with extension mobility? Then just do not publish the class phone and request everyone use only the user lines.

They can just log into which ever classroom pone they are using and maintain the same extension on Jabber and EM.
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