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Unity migration 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2)


Hi everyone,

We are planning an upgrade from Cisco Unity 4.0(5) with Exchange 2000 intregated to Cisco Unity Connection 7.0(2).

Also an upgrade from CCM4.2(1) to CUCM 7.0(2) --> this part is clear for me.

I am making a lab with all the servers.

I made the upgrade of the CCM in the same machine and is running fine but I have some questions with the Unity migratoin ( different servers ).


     -CUCM 7.0(2) --> this OK

     -Unity 4.0(5) windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 integrated --> I ran the COBRAS Export for Unity and have the backup in my lap then get out of       my network -->this OK

     -Unity Connection 7.0(2) --> here are my doubts:

          -i made a clean instalation with the same name an ip address and after that simple configuration, start the services, create the user dbdude,etc

          an my question is -> Do I have to integrate CUCM7 and Unity Connection 7 before running from my pc COBRAS IMPORT for Unity Connection?

Best regards,



Ginger Dillon

Hi -

Yes, I would definitely recommend integrating CUCM and Unity Connection before moving your users over.   You can create a test user and make sure everything is working.  You can do this in demo mode ahead of moving your Unity license files from Cisco licensing with the UC server MAC.  Then you have a fallback mechanism in that your Unity server still has its integration if you encounter any problems moving users over - not that you will, mind you.  But I like having Unity Connection tested and working before you move users :-)

Sincerely, Ginger

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