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Unity Partition for Call Handlers and direct voicemail

Hi all,


I am having a heck of a time working out what I need done in Unity.  I need PSTN calls to a call handler for a set of agents to only be searcable by a specific scope.  I also need these agents to get direct calling - forwarding to voicemail.  


Scenario 1:

Calls from PSTN - CTI Route Point on CUCM - Unity System Call Handler acting as a front end auto attd (limited to only users that are in it's search scope, no other users should be searchable to the PSTN caller) - asks for caller in put to enter extension, if they press 1 it routes to a call handler to leave a voicemail.  Agent is in partition XYZ1 - Call Handler is in system partition, but with search schope XYZ1 (this was the only way it would work, otherwise it was not reachable :()


Scenario 2: 

That same agent might get calls forwarded from CUCM if they are unavail/busy/etc.  


I can get one or the other to work, but not both.  The partition isolates the incoming calls for regular unity forwarding when I have the partition set for the inbound PSTN portion.  


My goal is to limit PSTN calls to search only for a specific group of people when they dial this "Main Line" and ask for the agents extension on the call hander, while allowing them to get normal direct calls as well.


Thank you in advance.  I keep changing/testing and it gets a little confusing with all the menus.

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Re: Unity Partition for Call Handlers and direct voicemail

I didn't get exactly what you want to do but if you want to isolate two
groups, when don't you have two SIP integrations between CUCM and Unity.
This way PSTN calls can be forwarded to user's voicemail by having the
handler for this integration with search space which can see the partition
of the users. The other integration will receive the call directly from
CUCM, issue IVR and if the caller hits one, the search space can go to the
partition of the users XYZ voice mail.
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