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Unity Profile Missing Digits in The Extension

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We have recently had multiple calls about users not having VM and the call being routed to the operator.  At first, I thought the first user just hasn't had their VM set up. But when a second called and explained to me what happened, I took a look and there are quite a few.


I have not been able to 100% verify, but she states after removing the forward all (to cell phone, if it matters) callers get the generic Unity greeting and the call is then forwarded to the operator.  The first users, when I searched for him by name, it came up, I looked at the profile and saw that it was missing the first digit in the extension. I chalked it up to someone created it wrong.  So I deleted the profile and recreated it since I couldn't just change the extension. Second user calls and I look her up by extension but could not find her.  While talking to her, she mentions there are others who are having the same issue. So I just pull up all of the users with VM boxes. We use four digit extensions, as I scroll through, some users have as few as one out of those four digits. With all of the users, the missing digits are the beginning. e.g. the extensions with three digits are missing the first digit...the ones with two are missing the first two..the ones with one digit are missing the first three digits...

I have no idea why or how it is happening. The only correlation between them is they are all in the same building. I know Unity and CM are separate, but talk to each other.  The users with the issue are in the same device pool and location, but I don't think that matters as it's not everyone in the DP having the issue. If I understand the system correctly, none of the the DP or  location info is used by Unity to 'make decisions.'


I inherited an in place system, I have taken the full course, but nothing like this was covered.  I have zero ideas where to start. 


Has anyone had or seen anything like this?


New discovery...was checking Call Manager for a few of the users, for some reason, CM also lists the extension incorrectly.  It puts leading 0s in the place of the missing digits in Unity.  So I went over to AD, and in the IP phone field on the Telephones tab, it also has the leading 0s instead of the proper extension. This field is always input manually, I don't think call manager/unity have write access to AD. I'm going to fix one in AD and see if it syncs down to Unity and/or CM.



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So, it looks like the 0s are the actual numbers, which is fine for CM as they are getting calls. Looks like the issue is the 0s are no longer being recognized as actual digits by Unity, so they aren't being included when "dialing" the mailbox.

What mask have you set on the Voicemail Profile in CM?   If it's not set it might be worth trying an explicit mask for the length of your extensions.  

Some more background information, is your Unity Connection synchronised to CM (AXL Integration) or does it get the info directly from AD (LDAP)?  From memory, I don't have a system to quickly check, I think with an LDAP sync you can edit the extension in Unity, but not if it's AXL.  

If it's AXL what happens if you synchronise the users, does it bring in the right or the wrong extension?

I struggle to understand why any of this would be affected by a user putting their phone on call forward, and then removing the forward.  Are you sure the condition did not already exist but just not noticed whether the extension was forwarded?