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Unity voice message issue



I need some help on voice message issue. We have an IPT setup for 150 users with no voice message configured. We have Cisco unity unconfigured in the system. Now please help me to get the answers of below queries-

  1. we must need unity, unity connection or unity express for voice message system, isn't it?
  2. what is the basic difference between cisco unity and cisco unity conneciton? So far I know, both are server based (unity server with microsoft exchange and windows & unity connection with linux based configuration), but what are the differences from messaging point of action.
  3. if just need voice messages to be heard from the phone, not messages delivered to the outlook as mails. how can we accomplish this.

Thanks in advance for your suggestion.



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Chris Deren
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1. These are cisco options, just so you know Unity is dead product at this time, Unity connection is the direction. You can always integrated to 3rd party VM systems, IP or TDM, MSFT Exchange 2007/2010 is an example.

2. Unity was Windows based and needed external datastore, i.e. Exchange, Lotus and also relied on AD. Unity Connection is an appliance that uses informix db for message storage, but can be integrated with Exchange for unified messaging.

See this doc for future comparison:

3. install one of the products and follow the integration guides posted on CCO, for Unity or Unity Connection you create either SIP trunk between the system and CallManager or SCCP integration.

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Hi Chris,

By the time of opening this discussion, I had finished preparing the platform for Unity installation. I will start installing unity software very soon.

Before that can you tell me if there is any way that we don't use unity exchange for sending voice messages to users mailbox, instead users will get voice messages in the phones only. Can we do that using unity?



Unity is a Windows-based application and requires that you install Active Directory and Exchange even if you just need voicemail other words, Unity is the voicemail application but the message store still uses Exchange.  When you just want end users to check voicemail from the phone (i.e., it does not need to be delivered to their corporate email inbox), then this configuration is referred to as "voicemail only" and it still uses AD/Exchange but it is usually setup in a standalone environment.  Unity is End of Sale / End of Life so, if this is a new install, I would highly recommend that you reconsider the application and go with Unity Connection.  Unity Connection can perform as a voicemail only system and does not require AD/Exchange for message delivery/storage.


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