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unwanted signal from CUCM


hi everyone, i have Cisco router with voice capabilities and a CUCM working fine, but a department in my job want to use a asterisk PBX to call some people, they have a problem because the CUCM is sending a "taken call" signal to the asterisk instead of leave the asterisk to do this, i mean they want to optimize the call just sending the call to the operator when some one take the call, instead of that currently when the PBX make a call the operator is listening the ringing and this isn't acceptable to the department, they need that the ring keep in the PBX.



NOTE: the trunk to the PBX is SIP and this can't be changed.

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Rolando Valenzuela

Do you have a diagram to understand better?

I'm assuming the call is between a Cisco IP Phone (registered with CUCM) and another endpoint (resisted with Asterisk).

No matter what, CUCM is the middle man between the Cisco IP Phone and Asterisk, so it will communicate/forward all the different SIP states the call is in, so I'm not sure if the transparency you are looking is possible but Asterisk should be able to understand and do the call setup correctly on its end.


I do not understand the "when the PBX make a call the operator is listening the ringing".

What PBX? Who/what made the call? The called phone should not ring?



Rolando A. Valenzuela.

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