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update users caller input unity connection 7


I am looking for a way to export all the mailboxes and do some chnages to the caller input section. We are doing some dial plan changes that require that to be changed. I am talking about 3000 mailboxes so looking for a good way to do it. Any ideas?

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Amine Nouasri

You can edit extensions in bulk mode and apply the changes to the caller input once and submit.

Hope this would help!

most every user has a different 0 out number. I need to change these from 4 to 10 digits. I would need to do this with some type of file push.

The way I would do this would be export all users out using Bulk administration tool to a CSV, modify the 0 out extensions and import the relevant data back in  and use the Update button in Bulk administration tool. I know this works in version 8 and above but not quite sure about 7 and I dont have a version 7 server handy.

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Please rate useful posts.

Thats a great idea but unfortunatly the caller input keys seem to be completly left out of this bat export.

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