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Upgrade Firmware of SX-10/20 - Phone Load requested is wrong


Hello team,


quick question about upgrading the SX10 / SX20 systems. I see in the logs that those systems try to request the following loads:

SX10: ce9_13_0-990355df13a

SX20: ce9_13_0-990355df13a.pkg


The phone gets a 404 (not found) from the TFTP server. I uploaded the firmware files:


Collaboration Endpoint Software bundle for all SX Series, MX Series, Cisco Webex Room Series, DX70 and DX80 for CUCM



These files are uploaded in the following format to the TFTP server: 




Has anyone ever had this problem? If so how did you solve it?


I mean I could just populate the firmware load field on the phone directly but that shouldn't be the solution.


Thank you in advance.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

Did u restarted the TFTP service on CUCM after uploading ?

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Hi Nithin,


thanks for your reply. Yes, several times actually.

Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

If I look in one of our system we have these files in TFTP File Management. We're yet not ready to take the step to 9.13 as it's brand new, we are on evaluation of 9.12.3 at the moment.




Both of these are for 9.12.3 and get installed in CM by the same file cmterm-ce9_12_3-140cd8212ba.k3.cop.sgn, but are used for different type of VC devices. I have noticed that the installation of this file seems to do a mistake in the default load configurations for older types of VC equipment as it doesn't have .pkg in the load information part.


For this I manually went into CM do update/correct this on all device types that use the file that start with s52040ce9.

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Hi Roger,


I think so too. But I don't know why the SX 20 tries to download a .pkg file that doesn't even exist...

Doesn't the endpoint try to request the file that is specified in the Device Defaults? With the SX20 it looks like it does but appends a .pkg to the end which is incorrect. It should append a .loads in order to find the following file: 



The SX10 on the other hand seems to take the string from the device defaults as is without appending anything. So in that case I could try to add the .loads to the Device Defaults firmware field in order to see if it finds the file.



What do you think?

Check  the software upgrade log.  It should tell you which server the unit is attempting to download the upgrade file from.  Did you upload the new version to every node in the cluster, including the Pub and all the Subs, then restart TFTP services for each?  My experience is that some units, for what reason I do not know, want to pull the upgrade file from a specific node, sub 1 or whatever not necessarily the pub or TFTP.  If you see what node the unit is looking to for the .pkg file, CLI to that node and use the show version active command to determine if the needed pkg file is there.  If not upload it to the node, restart TFTP and try the upgrade process again.  Most of mine look to the Pub for the file, some are looking to the Sub that are registered to.


Worst case grab the .pkg file and perform the upgrade on the unit itself as opposed to through call manager.

We installed the cmterm-ce9_12_3-140cd8212ba.k3.cop.sgn and it contained all of these files, see screen shot below.Snag_390c10.png

If you don't have the pkg files in your system there must be something odd at play.

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I uploaded the Software on every relevant node in the cluster. I have also restarted the respective tftp Server. As described in my initial post it seems like the (SX10 and SX20) both request different Firmware files. I check the Firmware files on the tftp Servers and couldn't find any Matches.

What I will do is to reupload the Firmware files and see if it makes any difference.


I will report back here.

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